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C&Z Purlin Forming Machine

The C&Z purlin forming machines are specifically used to manufacture multi-size C and Z purlin channels. Zhongyuan manufacture Automatic and Semiautomatic type purlin roll forming machines.
The Roll tools are carved in highly precise CNC machines which gives it better quality and longer service life as we say “Quality & Service are the main ingredients of our Machines”
The Machine’s parts are all made with precision and experienced personals, with optimum quality roll tools so you never have to worry about the
machine quality.

Purlin classifications

Purlins can be classified into different types based on the shapes: Channel sections, with or without flange stiffeners, we named C Purlin. C purlin without lips, we named U Purlin. And point symmetric sections that are shaped similar to the letter Z are referenced as Z shapes, we named Z Purlin
Zhongyuan has manufactured C Purlin Roll Forming Machine, Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine,  C&Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine.  We also accept customized purlin profiles to design and manufacture the machines.

Purlin Forming Machine for Different Requirements:

  • Manual adjust roll forming machine for C or Z purlin, manually adjust the spacer, change the cutting blade, to change the sizes of purlins.
  • Pre-Cutting C Purlin Roll Forming Machine with manual adjust spacers. Only need to adjust the spacers, but the ends of C purlin will be a bit deformed.
  • Multifunctional Cutting C Purlins Roll Forming Machine with manual adjust spacer design, same as the second design, and cutting ends will be good.
  • Quick interchange C Purlin Roll Forming Machine with multifunctional cutting. Automatically adjust the sizes of C purlin, and easy to adjust the cutting blade. 2 minuter changeover time.

CZ Changeable Purlin Roll Forming Machine's Advantages

 Machine Long LiferRollers are made from Cr12 mould steel being quenched treatment, HRC58-60, CNC machine tooled to increase rollers precision.
 High Efficiency15-18m per minute. Produce 7000m per shift for 8 hours one day.
 High PreisionShafts for rollers are tooled by grinding machine at least twice. Rollers are CNC processed to ensure precision performance.
 【Automatic & Easy Operate】Safe and easy to operate with Mitsubishi PLC touch screen operating system. Friendly man-machine interaction. 
 Excellent ServicesTechnician can be sent to your factory to install the machine and train your workers. Engineers are able to service overseas.We supply lifetime services for our machines.  
One machine can do both C and Z shape purlins with different sizes, automatic adjustment. Special sizes of purlin can be designed in our company.

Quick changeable system from C to Z purlin 

1. Change size of purlin automatically. People key in and then the control system adjusts the different sizes automatically. Just push the button and the rollers will automatically adjust the required sizes without being adjusted by people.
2. Change of C type or Z type purlins, change the turnover device manually. Within 15 minutes finish change from C to Z purlin. 

Layout drawing of CZ changeable Purlin Forming Machine

Product from CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Purlin Forming Machine Manufacturing

Our purlin machine is made to produce different shapes purlin in pre-painted, galvanized, and also hot rolled “black” steel, all our purlins are 55 KSI minimum yield strength quality. 

Each line can be loaded with coil entry equipment, including uncoilers, as well as a wide range of hole punching systems for inline web and flange hole placement with high accuracy.

Purlin rollformers cover the range of material types, as well as thicknesses for any market. Even the automation of gapping the roll tooling for different thicknesses can be added so that your operator does not have to adjust the top shaft for material thickness changes.

CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine List

Technical Parameters of Interchangeable C/Z purlin roll forming machine:

  • Cutting tools adjustable for any sizes of C and Z purlins
  • Raw material: Q235 Galvanized steel coil or Cold rolled steel;
  • The thickness of Material:2—3.2mm;
  • Yield strength of raw materials: 235MPA-345MPA;
  • Coil Weight:5 Tons;
  • Leveling Thickness:1.6-3.2mm;
  • The diameter of Leveling Roller: 90mm;
  • Material Width: 300-580mm;
  • Feeding guide: 2 pairs slide wheels for adjusting left hand right;
  • 2 Pairs pinch rollers: one in each side of leveler;
  • 7-Roller Leveler:3 rollers up and 4 rollers down with no power;
  • Forming speed: 0-15m/min(not including punching and cutting);
  • Forming steps: 15 stations;
  • The diameter of Shafts: 70mm;
  • The material of Roller: high-quality GCR15 bearing steel;
  • Driven: Hydraulic-driven type;
  • The Max punching thickness: 3.2mm;
  • Hydraulic punching & cutting: Stop to punch and cut;
  • Materials of Punching Molds: Cr12MoV steel with quench treatment;
  • The material of Cutting Blades: Cr12 steel;
  • Hydraulic Power: 30KW;
  • Hydraulic Cutting: Automatically cutting according to the length and quantities the clients set on the touch screen
  • Tolerance of cutting length:+/-2mm
  • PLC Control Box: 700mmx1000mmx300mm
  • Control System: PLC, inverter and HMI touch screen and Omron encoder
  • Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase

Zhongyuan Purlin Roll Former Benefits:

  • Metform’s PS3 stands
  • Pre-punch system
  • Precut or post cut
  • Anti-flare technology
  • Wide range of profile dimensions
  • Gauge range of 8ga to 20ga material

Production Characteristic of Purlin Roll Forming Machine

  • The purlin roll forming machine adopts a new station to increase the firmness of the machine. 
  • Both chain drive and gearbox transmission are available. 
  • Purlin forming machine uses post cut to ensure the quality of cutting position of the product very smooth. 
  • Purlins are widely used in steel structure building.

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  • Delivered floor deck roll forming machines in Zhongyuan to North America on December 24,2020

    Delivered floor deck roll forming machines in Zhongyuan to North America on December 24,2020

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