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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine's Advantages

 High PrecisionShafts for rollers are tooled by grinding machine at least twice. Rollers are CNC processed to ensure precision performance.
 Automatic & Easy OperateSafe and easy to operate with Mitsubishi PLC touch screen operating system.Friendly man-machine interaction. 
 Excellent ServicesTechnician can be sent to your factory to install the machine and train your workers. Engineers are able to service overseas.We supply lifetime services for our machines.  

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine List

Product from Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine


 “All-in-house source” – from raw material to the final high-precision forming machine.All are done in our factory. 
 Quality and delivery time can be controlled here.
 With technical support by our 15years experienced engineers and technicians, we can provide you suggestion and solution within 24 hours. 
 We guarantee lifetime services for our machines.
 Simple to install and easy to maintain. Our machines are well installed and tested before delivery. You only need to connect some tubes and wires in your factory. Video and manual will show you how to do.Our experience technicians can go to your factory and train your workers. 


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