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Roof And Wall Roll Forming Machine

As a professional roll forming machine manufacturer, Zhongyuan's professional and technical personnel cooperate with engineers to design a roof roll forming machine that can pass the time test.


When you install standing seam metal roofs or metal roof panels, our metal roof machine is backed by the best machine warranty in the industry, improving efficiency and saving time for each project. Zhongyuan Roofing Machine means better products, fewer problems, and lower costs.


Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

Zhongyuan Machinery is a company specializing in the manufacturing of glazed tile roll forming machine in China.


The step tiles manufactured by the Zhongyuan Machinery step tile roll forming machine are lightweight and very durable. These tiles can resist the damage of natural disasters such as wind, fire, and earthquakes. Their texture, style, and lifespan are not found in traditional metal roof products.


Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine

Zhongyuan Machinery's innovative metal deck solutions help many domestic and foreign deck manufacturers with the right solution for their metal deck roll forming requirements.


Steel deck roll forming machine is the type of steel construction material with character of low light, heavy strength, easy installation. Whether it is a bridge deck, a metal deck, roof deck, and floor deck, Zhongyuan Roll Forming System has the right equipment that will exceed your needs.


Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

The guardrail surface produced by the highway guardrail forming machine is clean, flat, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, and resistant to high and low temperatures. Under normal circumstances, the service life can reach 10-25 years in the outdoor environment;


Our experienced engineers are ready to design your high-efficiency roll formers to produce w beam guardrails, the beam guardrails, and other road safety barriers.


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