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How to Choose Roll Forming Machine
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All In House

We are“All-in-house source” – from raw material to the final high-precision forming machine.
Our own tooling center is equipped with CNC turning-lathes, Grinding machine for roller shaft, Heavy planing machine,etc.

Different From Our Competitors

【 Rollers 】
Bearing  Inside The  Roller

The only one in China

• Having bearing inside the rollers to make machine  run with less loading so that rollers not easy to damage.
• Ensure the same speed between the rollers, and improve the forming accuracy.
• Bearings are helping to prolong machine life.
【 High Quality Shaft and Frame 】


Cylindrical Grinding Machine -Mainly uses in grinding the shafts to reach greater accuracy.


【 15 Years Long Life 】

Roller Machined by CNC with Digital-Controlled Procession

Roller are Plated with Hard Chrome with Thickness of 0.05mm on The Surface

40MM Thickness of The Wall Panel

• Make sure the machine more than 15 years long life.
• Make sure the high quality final product.

Raw Material

【 High Quality Raw Material 】
Zhongyuan buy high glade material  from big steel factory to control machines'quality.
【 Parts With Heat Treatment 】
After heat treatment remove the stress of steel,so no deformation to improve machine quality.

Production Environment

Featured Roll Forming Machine

Small Company Also Have Big Energy


Early Start and Mature Technology

Flexible and Directly

Streamlined Organization Can Handle Orders and Issues Efficiently

Low Cost

Reasonable Number of Employees and Management Costs  Can Reduce Manufacturing  Cost


Strictly Control the Production Rhythm to Ensure On-Time Delivery

Quality Service

Free Design

    (machine, factory layout, etc.)

12 Months Quality Warranty
    ( All machines)

Technical Assistance

    (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation, etc.)

Training To Your Needs
    (on your working site, during a repair call-out or our premises.)


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