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As a professional roofing roll forming machine manufacturer, Zhongyuan's professional and technical personnel cooperate with engineers to design a roof roll forming machine that can pass the time test.


When you install standing seam metal roofs or metal roof panels, our metal roof machine is backed by the best machine warranty in the industry, Improving efficiency and saving time for each project. Zhongyuan Roofing Machine means better products, fewer problems, and lower costs.


The metal roll forming equipment manufactured by Zhongyuan can help enterprises to make greater profits with less working time. For 20+ years, our equipment has been proven by the market to be effective and high quality. We provide customized metal roof forming machine based on our design team and professional engineers!


We offer a wide range of different roof panel machines for the walls, roofs, steel decks, step tiles, and standing seam profiles.
You can place your order for a single machine or order for bulk roof&wall roll forming machine.


Metal Roof Panels Made by Zhongyuan Roll Forming Machine

• R panel profile
The R-Panel is a multi-use durable metal roofing alternative to traditional roofing that allows for relatively lower total project cost as it saves time and labor. The R-Panel can be used as either roofing or siding in commercial or residential properties.

U panel profile

The U panel is known for its simple and economical design for applications in light industries, often serving as the liner panel or the interior partition for mini-storage facilities. U panels are usually attached to the substrate using exposed fasteners.

TUFF-RIB panel profile

The Tuff Rib Panel is a light gauge through-fastener roof and wall panel with a time-tested shape. It can be installed over many solid substrates such as wood and steel and allows for greater load capability, hence, is an excellent choice for industrial, agricultural and commercial applications.

Box rib panel profile

The Box Rib panel is an exposed fastener metalpanel can for mixed-use, retail, industrial, commercial, civic and even residential applications.

AG metal panel profile

The Ag Panel is a slang term for one of the most popular exposed fastener metal roofing and siding profiles in the construction industry.Post-frame buildings and residential metal roofing represent the two largest construction segments for Ag Panel usage.

Corrugated panel profile

The Corrugated panel is the most common panel that we can see in life. It is often used as roof, floor and wall.

Batten style panel profile

The Batten style panel, with wider boards connected by narrow batten, creats a geometric style layered look.

Glazed tile profiles

The Glazed tile panel imitates the shape of conventional tiles, providing a traditional tile roof style. Its pretty look is suitable for commercial or residential properties.

In addition to these panels presented here, our roll forming machines can also make: 
standing seam metal roof profile panels

belvedere plenum wall panels

grand V panels/grand C panels

span wall panel profile panels

We can provide custom roll forming machines that make the roofing panels you want.

We Manufacture Various Roof Roll Forming Machines

Roofing panel roll forming and corrugated panel roll forming machine
Cranking machine for curved roofing and double-decker roofing panel machine
Roofing panel crimping machine and high speed flying shear cladding panel roll forming
Different metal roof panels come from different metal roof roll forming machines. Zhongyuan specializes in the design and manufacture of roll forming equipment for various metal roof panels. For example step tile roll forming machine, sheet metal rolling machine and corrugated sheet roll forming machine.
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High Efficiency

20-25m per minute.

Produce 9600m per shift for 8 hours one day.

Long Life Machine

Rollers of machine are CNC machine tooled, plated with 0.05mm hard chrome on surface. Heat treatment for cutting frame to remove the steel stress, to avoid
deformation. Cutting material is Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment, all these processing steps ensure machine long life time.


High Precision

Shafts for rollers are tooled by grinding machine at least twice. Rollers are CNC processed to ensure precision performance.

Automatic & Easy Operate

Safe and easy to operate with Mitsubishi PLC touch screen operating system.Friendly man-machine interaction.


Excellent Services

Technician can be sent to your factory to install the machine and train your workers. Engineers are able to service overseas. We supply lifetime services for our machines.



Listen to how our customers evaluate us.

Stole is a customer from Macedonia, who came to visit Zhongyuan factory about 13 years ago and bought two roll forming machines from Zhongyuan. In August 2022, he sent an email to us saying that he was very satisfied with the two machines and that he would like to continue working with Zhongyuan.

Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine Components

• Feeding Guide
• Decoiler
• Roll Forming System
• Hydraulic Cutting unit
• Control system
• Output table
• Manual slitting device


• Feeding Guide
• Decoiler
• Roll Forming System
• Hydraulic Cutting unit
• Control system
• Output table
• Manual slitting device


Technical Parameters of Roofing Machine

• Material: Galvanized coil and color steel coil, Aluminium coils

Material Thickness: 0.3-0.7 mm
Machine Power: 5.5KW-7.5 KW
Forming roller materials: No.45 steel, plated with chrome on the surface
Cutter Material: Cr12 mold steel with quench treatment, HRC58-60
Shaft Material: High-quality 45# steel, with heat treatment
Shaft diameter: 72mm
Forming Speed: 25 m/min
Feeding width: 1000 mm -1500 mm

Tile Roll Forming Machine Application

• Steel structure enclosures
• Warehouse
• Workshop
• Cold storage
• Mobile buildings
• Etc



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How to Make Roof Panels?

How to Make Roof Panels?

Metal roofing sheets are made by roof panel rolling machines. Usually, the workflow of roofing rollers is like this: Decoiler - feeding guide table - roll forming system - post - hydraulic cutting system - output table.

If you want to make roofing panels, you can contact Zhongyuan, which has over 20 years of experience in metal roof panel production machines. Depending on the customer's needs, Zhongyuan produces metal roof panel making machines with normal speed and high speed available. In addition, the production of metal roofing usually requires more than 600 rollers and around 30-60 shafts.

When choosing a roof roll forming machine, we should first check the capacity & mechanical capability of the company, as well as the roll forming manufacturer's production experience to be able to produce a lifetime roofing roll forming machine.

Best Types of Metal Roof Tile Materials

Aluminium is a highly durable metal roof material. It allows for quick installation while providing tremendous longevity benefits, energy efficiency, fire and insect resistance.
As a relatively light metal, it is much lighter than steel, and it naturally resists rust and corrosion.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel may be the most common metal roofing material and is affordable compared to other roofing materials. Steel is very robust, but it is very susceptible to corrosion, so it is usually covered with special metal roofing paints and coatings. Stainless steel has a wide selection and is suitable for house roofing.

Galvanized steel
Galvanized steel actually protects the inner layer of steel from corrosion by using a layer of zinc. This coating helps to extend the life of the steel sheet and slows down the corrosion process. Galvanized steel is the most common form of steel roofing material.

How to select the best roof roll forming machine?

Buying a roof panel rolling machine can give you a competitive edge in your area and take your business to the next level. But you need to make sure you're getting the right machine. Here are some key points you need to remember when purchasing a roof roll forming machine:
  • Profiles that the machine can run
If you want to offer your customers a number of different profile options, you need to be sure that the new machine can adapt to the tooling variations of the profiles. You may also need to verify that the profiles offered will pass the engineering and testing requirements you may need.
  • Machine speed
Most roof panel roll forming machines run fast and steady enough, so that the panels can be placed on the roof structure continuously. That is, there are some machines that may run slower or faster based on the hydraulic system used, therefore it is important to verify how fast it can run the panels.
  • Warranty
Before you buy a new roof roll forming machine, always make sure you understand the warranty on the machine or the various parts offered at the time of purchase.
Zhongyuan machines come with a two-year warranty. During the warranty period, repairs to the equipment and replacement of equipment parts are free of charge. After the warranty period expires, we offer lifetime repair of the machine and supply parts for the equipment at cost.
  • Repairs, supply of parts and training
Nobody expects problems with their new machine, but it's important to know what to do when they do occur. That's why you have to always ask the manufacturer if they provide service and training for the machines they are selling.
Zhongyuan has a team of experienced trainers who can provide you with practical and adaptable training at your job site, during maintenance or at our premises. We can help you perform regular maintenance on your machines to optimize their performance. Plus, we will also help in anticipating possible failures and reducing the risk of technical breakdowns.

Tips For Roof Roll Forming Machine Maintenance

Various roof roll forming machines in different manufacturers have different maintenance to keep them serving you excellently and increasing their durability.
Unfortunately, not all consumers follow the strictly recommended maintenance schedules when using roof sheet making machines, resulting in equipment downtime, repairs, and failure.
We got you covered in today's article. The guide below has clear instructions, a detailed manual, and tips on the maintenance and safety of roofing sheet machines.

Before you do any maintenance on the roof panel machine, consider the below tips.
  • Carefully read and understand the roof machine manual
  • Always keep the guards, lids, and covers mounted to your machine during operation
  • Observe and follow all safety warning signs that come with the machine's manual
  • Adhere to the rules and follow national and local safety codes regarding unloading or loading of reeled coils
  • Use recommended rated devices when lifting the coils out or into forming stand assembly
  • Avoid wearing jewellery or loose clothing, which might entangle the moving parts of the roof roll forming machine when in operation
  • When performing any maintenance, adjustments, or changeover processes, stop the machine & disconnect it from the power button
  • Ensure you follow all the safe handling guidelines of lubricants based on SDS
  • Do not use the solvents when cleaning the drive rollers

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What Are The Main Components Of A Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine?

In most cases, roof panel roll forming machines work in a continuous cycle. The material is fed into the machine, in which it constantly passes through each stage of the operation and ends up with a final product.

The basic components of a roof roll forming line include:
  • Decoiler and loading cart
  • Feeder and leveling
  • Forming roller unit
  • Cutting system

Decoiler & Loading Cart

Decoilers are used to hold and safely release or unwind steel strips. The coiler controls the speed and direction of the metal strip and is fed into the lime for processing, like slitting or tube mill entry also roll forming entry. Decoiling is the operation of unrolling the master roll, making it flat and cutting it into sheets.

Feeder & Leveling

Roller leveling is a bending process. A fat part, sheet or plate is deformed by a series of alternating bends. These alternating bends are made by placing the part, sheet or plate between two sets of straightening rollers on the top and bottom, which are offset by half the roll pitch in the direction of the bent material.

Forming Roller Components

The work of the roll forming machine is continued by special roll designs on stands. All stands are driven together and roll the material at the same speed. Roll forming technology was created to make it easier and faster to machine the exact required contours on the sheet metal. The tooling of each holder will perform a small forming on the material and pass to the next holder. As a result, we will obtain the desired profile shape.

Why Corrugated Roll Forming Machine Is A Top-Selling Product?

Advantages Of Corrugated Metal Roof Panels

Corrugated metal roof panels are made of high-quality steel and feature a corrugated pattern for added strength. This makes corrugated metal roofing panels suitable for factories, barns and stables, as well as commercial and agricultural buildings.

They are also relatively light compared with other roofing systems, which makes them ideal for various residential projects. These projects include garage roof replacements, shed replacements, and more.

Corrugated metal roofs can last for decades due to their hardened steel construction and optional plastic coating.

In addition, they are nearly maintenance-free. Corrugated metal roof panels are ideal for farmers or business owners without much time to deal with roof maintenance.

They are also a perfect choice for those who want to protect valuable items in their barn or garage.

Corrugated Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

A corrugated sheet roll forming machine is a system for producing corrugated metal roofs and wall panels, which have been used around the world for several years. Contractors and homeowners like them because they are stronger, have more structural advantages, and look better. These panels are often used in residential construction.

Corrugated metal panels can be used as wall panels as well as roofing shingles. Due to the widespread use of corrugated sheets, corrugated roofing roll former are among the top metal roll forming machines.

You may want to start a roofing plant or a project for corrugated sheet roofing roll forming machine, please check the details here: https://www.zhongyuanforming.com/Corrugated-Roll-Forming-Machine-Aluminium-Long-Span-Corrugated-Sheet-Making-Machine-pd6837772.html

Or if you want to save your time, money, and space, check out this remarkable machine: https://www.zhongyuanforming.com/America-AG-Rib-Profile-Double-Layer-Machine-pd6017772.html
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