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As a professional roofing roll forming machine manufacturer, Zhongyuan's professional and technical personnel cooperate with engineers to design a roof roll forming machine that can pass the time test.

When you install standing seam metal roofs or metal roof panels, our metal roof machine is backed by the best machine warranty in the industry, Improving efficiency and saving time for each project. Zhongyuan Roofing Machine means better products, fewer problems, and lower costs.


The metal roll forming equipment manufactured by Zhongyuan can help enterprises to make greater profits with less working time. For 20+ years, our equipment has been proven by the market to be effective and high quality. We provide customized metal roof forming machine based on our design team and professional engineers!

We offer a wide range of different roof panel machines for the walls, roofs, steel decks, step tiles, and standing seam profiles.
You can place your order for a single machine or order for bulk roof&wall roll forming machine.


Metal Roof Panels Made by Zhongyuan Roll Forming Machine

• R panel profile
The R-Panel is a multi-use durable metal roofing alternative to traditional roofing that allows for relatively lower total project cost as it saves time and labor. The R-Panel can be used as either roofing or siding in commercial or residential properties.

U panel profile

The U panel is known for its simple and economical design for applications in light industries, often serving as the liner panel or the interior partition for mini-storage facilities. U panels are usually attached to the substrate using exposed fasteners.

TUFF-RIB panel profile

The Tuff Rib Panel is a light gauge through-fastener roof and wall panel with a time-tested shape. It can be installed over many solid substrates such as wood and steel and allows for greater load capability, hence, is an excellent choice for industrial, agricultural and commercial applications.

Box rib panel profile

The Box Rib panel is an exposed fastener metalpanel can for mixed-use, retail, industrial, commercial, civic and even residential applications.

AG metal panel profile

The Ag Panel is a slang term for one of the most popular exposed fastener metal roofing and siding profiles in the construction industry.Post-frame buildings and residential metal roofing represent the two largest construction segments for Ag Panel usage.

Corrugated panel profile

The Corrugated panel is the most common panel that we can see in life. It is often used as roof, floor and wall.

Batten style panel profile

The Batten style panel, with wider boards connected by narrow batten, creats a geometric style layered look.

Glazed tile profiles

The Glazed tile panel imitates the shape of conventional tiles, providing a traditional tile roof style. Its pretty look is suitable for commercial or residential properties.

In addition to these panels presented here, our roll forming machines can also make: 
standing seam metal roof profile panels

belvedere plenum wall panels

grand V panels/grand C panels

span wall panel profile panels

We can provide custom roll forming machines that make the roofing panels you want.

We Manufacture Various Roof Roll Forming Machines

Roofing panel roll forming and corrugated panel roll forming machine
Cranking machine for curved roofing and double-decker roofing panel machine
Roofing panel crimping machine and high speed flying shear cladding panel roll forming



High Efficiency

20-25m per minute.

Produce 9600m per shift for 8 hours one day.

Long Life Machine

Rollers of machine are CNC machine tooled, plated with 0.05mm hard chrome on surface. Heat treatment for cutting frame to remove the steel stress, to avoid
deformation. Cutting material is Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment, all these processing steps ensure machine long life time.


High Precision

Shafts for rollers are tooled by grinding machine at least twice. Rollers are CNC processed to ensure precision performance.

Automatic & Easy Operate

Safe and easy to operate with Mitsubishi PLC touch screen operating system.Friendly man-machine interaction.


Excellent Services

Technician can be sent to your factory to install the machine and train your workers. Engineers are able to service overseas. We supply lifetime services for our machines.


Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine Components

• Feeding Guide
• Decoiler
• Roll Forming System
• Hydraulic Cutting unit
• Control system
• Output table
• Manual slitting device


Technical Parameters of Roofing Machine

• Material: Galvanized coil and color steel coil, Aluminium coils

Material Thickness: 0.3-0.7 mm
Machine Power: 5.5KW-7.5 KW
Forming roller materials: No.45 steel, plated with chrome on the surface
Cutter Material: Cr12 mold steel with quench treatment, HRC58-60
Shaft Material: High-quality 45# steel, with heat treatment
Shaft diameter: 72mm
Forming Speed: 25 m/min
Feeding width: 1000 mm -1500 mm

Tile Roll Forming Machine Application

• Steel structure enclosures
• Warehouse
• Workshop
• Cold storage
• Mobile buildings
• Etc



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