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Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

What Is A Guardrail

Guardrail or Guard rail is a protection system that prevents vehicles from entering dangerous areas of expressways. The thickness of the guardrail can reach 4.0mm.

It mainly used for highway, large parking areas, the scenic areas, provincial roads, rural roads, and other anti-collision safety engineering construction.


Types of Guardrail

The most common type of guardrail is W-shaped steel beams, also called two-wave guardrails. Now, The Beam guardrail is a new trend, which is similar to forming two W-Beam guardrails into one new guardrail.


Crash barrier or Guardrail is an obstacle designed to prevent the vehicle from deviating from a safe road to improve the safety of the driver. Zhongyuan automatic guardrail roll forming machine can produce 2 wave guardrails or 3 wave guardrails according to customer requirements.


Our experienced engineers are ready to design your high-efficiency roll formers to produce w beam guardrails, the beam guardrails, and other road safety barriers.


Steel Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

The guardrail surface produced by the highway guardrail forming machine is clean, flat, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, and resistant to high and low temperatures. Under normal circumstances, the service life can reach 10-25 years in the outdoor environment;


Working Process of Guardrail Forming Machine

Decoiler - Feeding & Leveling machine - Punching - Main roll forming machine - PLC control system - Hydraulic cutting - Receiving table


Equipment of Highway Safety Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Decoiler in Highway Guardrail Machine

It is used to support the steel coil and uncoil it in a turntable way.

• Maximum capacity: 5 Ton

• Steel coil width:  1000mm

• The internal diameter of coil: 508 mm

• Maximal outer diameter: 2000mm

• Oil cylinder diameter: 120mm

• Max. feeding width: 500mm

• Working speed: adjustable, 0-15m/min 

• Working pressure: 10mpa

• Main motor power: 5.5KW

• Coil placement in the coil holder: hydraulic hoist

• Structure: Steel plate and Beam Welded


Feeding And Leveling Part of Guardrail Machine

Leveling is to guide and level the steel plate. The leveling device includes a pinch roller and a leveling roller. The pinch roller can move up and down, so it is easy to adjust the leveling space and leveling angle. It has 5 leveling rollers and an adjustable screw. The feed port is equipped with a vertical roller positioning device.

The material of the leveling roller is Cr12 and has been heated treated HRC58-62.


Structure: A pair of feed rollers are equipped with springs to squeeze materials and loosen materials pneumatically.  

• Feed rolls material: GGr15, Hardness: HRC55-60

• Feeding precision: ±0.2mm/ pace (not accumulative)

• Feeding width range:660-800mm

• Entrance and guide roller: 45# steel, ¢65mm, HRC48-52° surface chromed

• Leveling roller: Upper layer 4 rollers, down layer 5 rollers, totally 9 rollers

• Leveling roller material: 45# steel, thermal treatment hardness 48-52 HRC

• Leveling shaft material: 45# steel, ¢76mm, hardening and tempering


Punching Device for Guardrail Forming Machine (Option)

The punch material is CR12 and the hardness is HRC58-62. It uses high-speed molds and uses different station molds to punch different holes (without changing molds). The die adopts a unit structure design, and the die is adjustable. It has a long service life and is easy to replace and maintain.

• Mould material: Cr12, quenched 58°C-62°C

• Power of hydraulic station:11KW


Forming Device of Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

All rollers are made of CR12 material, heat treatment, HRC 58-60. They are processed by CNC processing to ensure that the rollers have good rigidity and precision, and form a perfect guardrail according to the design.

• Thickness range: 2.5-3.2mm

• Production line length: 11m

• Forming speed: Not less than 15m/min

• Main motor power: 5.5X3kw

• Shaft diameter: 90mm

• Roll station:15 stations

• Transmission: By gearbox 

• Roller Material: CR12, HRC58-62, CNC processing after heat treatment.


Cutting Device of Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Advanced hydraulic drive, PLC control automatic cutting. Automatic punching and cutting after forming, no deformation.

• Cutting type: Hydraulic cutting

• Motor power: 11KW

• Cutting motion: The roll forming part stops when cutting

• Material of cutting blade: Cr12 with heat treatment, quenched 58°C-62°C

• Length measuring: Automatic encoder length measuring

• Tolerance of length: +/- 1.5mm Each piece end product


China Highway Guardrail Forming Machine Manufacturers

Here you can find the related products for guardrail machine, we are a professional manufacturer and supplier of Guardrail Roll Forming Machine. We have improved the quality control process of the highway guardrail forming machine to ensure that each export product is qualified.
If you want to know more about guardrail roll forming machine, please click product details to view the parameters, models, pictures, and other information, etc. Zhongyuan also manufactures purlin roll forming machines, roof roll forming machines, tile roll forming machines, metal deck roll forming machine, etc.

Why Choose Highway Guardrail Machines

The guardrail roll forming machine can produce various guardrails, which are usually used on highways. Highway guardrail forming machine has the characteristics of high quality, durability, long life, and easy installation. One machine can produce products of various specifications according to customer-defined system settings.


Highway guardrails are made of high-quality materials, usually 2.0mm to 4.0mm in thickness, and the material is made by cold-formed technology. They are mainly used for roads and bridges, with strong materials, beautiful appearance, and easy installation. Guardrail roll forming machine is one of Zhongyuan's iconic products. Zhongyuan's design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce high-speed, cost-effective guardrail machines.



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