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Main Details:

Equipment Model:CZ100-305 CZ Purlin roll Forming Machine
Thickness: 1.5-3.0mm (235-345Mpa)
Forming speed:About 18m/min (Gearboxes Drive)
Punching solution: machine stops to punch.
Cutter material: Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment, HRC58-60
Roller stations: About 16
Equipment weight: about 23500KGS
Equipment size: 12.5X2.1X1.7mm (LxWxH)
Warranty: 2 years.
Delivery time: 90 days after confirm order. 

Brief Introduction of CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine:

Due to the birth of semi-automatic c/z purlin roll forming machines, the changing time is greatly improved. However, this machine cannot make both C and Z shaped section channels. People still need two machines for the manufacturing of C and Z steel purlins. Investment on two roll forming machines (one Cee shaped section channel roll forming machine and one Zed shaped section channel roll forming machine) is not ideal solution to contractors or distributors. As a result, genius roll forming engineers have pictured out a new type roll forming machine image in their mind.
Finally, a cz purlin roll forming machine has been designed to produce both C and Z steel purlins with any sizes available. The profile change including cutting dies for C to Z takes at most 30 minutes (just clutches taken out, a 180° turning on some rolling tools and clutches inserted in) and size change needs at most 5 minutes (just input the required distance through the touch screen on PLC control cabinet ). So much efficiency has been improved by this quick-change c/z steel purlin roll forming machine.
One machine can do both C and Z shape purlin with following different size, The line mainly consists of uncoiler, coil sheet guiding device, flattening device, roll forming system, punching equipment, cutting equipment, hydraulic station, PLC controlling system and support table.

Produce Showing:

Technical Data of CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Suitable Material Cold-rolled steel strip and heat-treated galvanized steel strip
Thickness of raw material 1.5-3.0mm (235-345Mpa)
Size of C purlin 100-305mm adjustable  (special size available)
Material of roller Cr12 mould steel being quenched treatment,HRC58-60
Material of cutter blade& punching die Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment, HRC58-60
Material of shaft High quality 45# steel with heat treatment.
Roller grinder milling.
Power Requirement Main motor power: 4X4 Kw(Depend on final design)
Hydraulic station power: 5.5Kw (Depend on final design)
Diameter of shaft for rollers 82mm
Controlling system Mitsubishi PLC & converter
Quantity of rollers about 16 stations for main rollers
Weight of machine   About 23000KGS
Size of machine About 17.5mX2.1mx1.6m

Gearbox Transmission System

Zhongyuan gearbox transmission system moves the line to ensure machine strong enough to run raw material thickness 3.0mm.


Quick Changeable System From C to Z Purlin

1. Change size of purlin automatically. People key in and then the control system adjusts the different sizes automatically. Just push the button and the rollers will automatically adjust the required sizes without being adjusted by people.
2. Change of C type or Z type, change the turnover device manually. Within 15 minutes finish change from C to Z purlin. 

Layout Drawing of CZ Changeable Purlin Forming Machine

Packaging Details:

1.1*40GP&1*20GP containers for loading one set of machine with mechanical decoiler;
2.The whole Wiped Anti Rust Oil, PLC controller covered by foam film;
3.Spare parts and some small parts packed in plastic tooling box;
4.All Components Fixed by steel wire with Container.

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