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Experience supplier downpipe roll forming machine
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Experience supplier downpipe roll forming machine

1.【High Efficiency】15m per minute.Produce 7200m per shift for 8 hours one day.
2.【Automatic & Easy Operate】Safe and easy to operate with Mitsubishi PLC touch screen operating system.Friendly man-machine interaction.
3.【Excellent Services】Technician can be sent to your factory to install the machine and train your workers. Engineers are able to service overseas.We supply lifetime services for our machines.
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Brief introduction of downpipe machine:

Technical Parameters of downpipe roll forming machine:

Machine model

Downpipe Forming Machine

Operation way

Automatic machine




36 Months




More 15 years life time



Material thickness

0.5 mm - 0.6 mm

Suiting material

PPGI coil

Cutting material

Cr12 steel with quenching treatment

Main motor


Forming rollers qty.

25 stations

Shafts diameter 70mm
Roller Material

No. 45 steel with chrome-plated

Coil Width


Yield strength of raw material


Forming speed

15m/min (excluding cutting, bending, shrinking time)

Transportation In Containers,suiting for sea and road transmission

Hydraulic station power


Suitable power voltage

415V/50HZ/3Phase (can be designed according to buyer’s requirement)

Machine size


Downpipe working processing display

1. Decoiling the sheet→feeding sheet→roll forming→Measure length and cutting the sheet→arc bending (optional process)→finished products

2.Downpipe→necking→finished products

downpipe work


Components description of downpipe roll making machine

1. Manual Decoiler

The loading frame is of bracket type, manually tightened, without power.

Capacity: ≤5t

Inner diameter of coil: φ508mm

Outer diameter of coil: <φ1400mm

2.Main Machine

1) Feeding Device

The feeding device is equipped with left and right guide wheels, the raw materials can be kept in the correct feeding direction by the feeding device.

2) Roll Forming SystemForming roller material No.45 steel surface plated with hard chrome and then polished

Shaft material are No.45 steel, diameter is 70mm,

The number of roll forming rollers generally 25 stations. 

Machine adopts integral wall plate structure;

Adopts gear motor drive, chain drive, frequency conversion;

Adjust screws manually to change gap between the upper and lower rollers,so that can fit for different thicknesses of materials.

3).Cutting Device

Adopts stop to cut.

No waste material per time cutting;

Cutting blade material: Cr12 steel with quenching treatment;.

Cutting power provided by the hydraulic station.

4).Bending Device

This device can be bent into the desired arc of the downpipe, can be bent up and down or left and right. It needs replace the mould manually when change direction;

Bending mould material: Cr12 steel with quenching treatment;

Bending power provided by the hydraulic station.

5).Shrinking Device

This device can reduce the port of the downpipe to facilitate lapping;

Material of Shrinking mould: Cr12 steel with quenching treatment;

Shrinking power is provided by the hydraulic station.

3.Run Out Table

They are used to put the final product when product finish.

1 pieces, length is 2 meters.

Collect the final product and final products is convenient to be stacked by workers.

4. Electric Control System

The whole set of equipment adopts Mitsubishi frequency converter, PLC and touch screen, coding machine counting, can be manually and automatically controlled.

5. Hydraulic System

Adopts external independent hydraulic station;

The main valves are Chinese brands.


Product application of downpipe roll forming machine

In order to satisfy various customer requirements, we design and manufacture downpipe forming machine in different specs, models and configurations.

Downpipe Making Machine Application Example



Packaging Details of downpipe machine

1. One *40GP container for loading one set of downpipe roll making machine with mechanical decoiler; 

2. The whole Wiped Anti Rust Oil, PLC controller covered by foam film; 

3.Spare parts and some small parts packed in plastic tooling box; 

4.All Components Fixed by steel wire with Container. Suitable for long time sea shipping. 

Delivery Time

Machine ready within 100 days after getting 30% deposit and confirming contract details from buyer and sellers.



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