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The Development Trend of Color Steel Tile Machine Manufacturers
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The Development Trend of Color Steel Tile Machine Manufacturers

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The double-layered tile machine is a hydraulic press used to shape and press the rough tile blanks extruded and cut by the vacuum screw extruder when the glazed tiles are produced by the wet method. The double-layered tile machine can be installed and used separately, but it needs to be manually loaded and unloaded. It can also be equipped with an automatic loading rack and an unloading manipulator, an extruder, a tile cutter, a blank feeder, and a wato conveyor line. The tile production line does not require manual manipulation at all. The color steel double-layer tile press is equipped with a set of the lubrication system. When the machine is running, it automatically lubricates all the bearings and the motion guide rails of the transmission gear mechanism. The workbench of the double-layer color steel tile press has six processes. In addition to the first-level mechanical indexing of the worktable, it is also equipped with a set of precision mechanisms to fully ensure that after the mud blank is fully vented during each stamping process, the upper mold presses the tile blank in place before returning to the position. Therefore, the service life of the mold is long and the quality of the pressed product is good.

Color steel equipment composite tile is favored by more and more people because of its lightweight, heat preservation, beautiful appearance, and other advantages. However, its expensive prices and cruel market competition have led to the phenomenon of cutting corners. It has severely restricted the development of color steel composite tiles and restricted its further popularization and application. The new color glaze composite color steel tile not only has the advantages of lightweight, heat preservation, and beauty, but also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, fire resistance and flame retardant, and low cost. It is also an alternative to the color steel composite tile. Its life span is three times that of the general color steel tile machine. The new type of color glaze composite color steel tile machine is made of inorganic composite materials and its structure.

Utilizing the high-strength adhesive properties of this material to directly bond with the polystyrene foam board, avoiding the shortcomings of gaps caused by poor bonding and uneven glue application in the later stage. The other two sides are covered with the same material to enhance its load and bending resistance. These colored tiles are pressed into various plates through various pressing rollers and then processed into suitable plates that can be used through shearing.

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