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Review Of 6 Best Roof Roll Forming Machine Manufacturers Of 2022
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Review Of 6 Best Roof Roll Forming Machine Manufacturers Of 2022

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Do you want to buy a new roof panel machine, but have no idea what companies make such equipment? Or perhaps you are weighing your options to see what companies offer similar machines?

Well, suppose you are a roofing contractor or roofing sheet supplier. In that case, your business depends on a roll forming machine to manufacture the highest quality metal roof panels available to your customers. When you end up with the wrong machine, there is a chance you could lose customers and negatively impact your company.

So in this article, we've listed some of the best roof roll forming machine manufacturers in the world.

  • Englert

  • Knudson

  • Roll Former

  • Schlebach GmbH


  • Zimmerman Metals

(Listed in no particular order of priority)



Founded in 1966 by Herb Englert, Englert has been serving the commercial and residential markets with high-quality metal roofing systems, gutter systems and field roll formers for over 50 years. Englert is one of the few single-source roofing manufacturers with an in-house coil-coating line, offering a wide range of finishes to meet most design goals.

Englert's available product options include roll forming equipment and machinery Roofing equipment, guttering machines, seamless guttering systems, metal roofing systems and metal coils and sheets.



Knudson Manufacturing was founded by Arthur L. Knudson in 1957 when he built the first portable gutter machine in his basement. Today, Knudson continues to produce high-quality equipment for the metal roofing and framing industry and sells it to consumers around the world.

Knudson Manufacturing designs and manufactures high-quality roll forming machinery for the light rail steel frame industry: including steel framing machines, roof panel roll forming machines and seaming equipment.

Roll Former

roll former

Since 1978, Roll Former Corporation has designed and manufactured machines for companies requiring roll forming equipment, including residential,  commercial, industrial, agricultural, and decorative, accessory machinery. Roll Former Corporation has a line of over 20 standard machines and also offers custom machines.

Roll Former Corporation produces a wide range of products, such as roof panel machines and panformers, power seamers, cap/curver machines, wall panel/soffit machines, hemming machines, coil processing machines, perforators and decoilers.

Schlebach GmbH

Schlebach GmbH(1)

Schlebach GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of machines and equipment for standing seam technology. 1979, the manufacturing company Bartolosch acquired the rights to Schlebach and eventually founded Schlebach-Maschinen GmbH ("Machines for Folding Technology").

Today, the company employs nearly 200 people in Germany, working in a production area of over 100,000 square feet. Its product range includes profiling machinery, notching machinery, folding and seaming machinery and bending machinery.



Established in 2003, Zhongyuan Machinery Factory is an experienced manufacturer of metal forming machinery with ISO quality system. Zhongyuan's R&D department has senior engineers with over 20 years of experience in the metal forming machinery industry, so it is able to help customers with professional designs and solutions.

Zhongyuan is a one-stop factory - from raw materials to the final high precision forming machine. And it has a wide range of products: sandwich panel production line, roof tile forming machine, cladding forming machine, metal decking forming machines, etc. We also can supply steel coils, EPS sandwich panels, PU sandwich panels to suit diverse requirements of global customers.

Zimmerman Metals


Founded in 1936 by William George Zimmerman, Zimmerman Metals is a privately owned, third-generation family business that manufactures and services metalworking machinery. Today, Zimmerman Metals is a team of 100 people with a 150,000 square foot shop on 10 acres of land in the Denver area.

Zimmerman Metals designs for all varieties of roofing machines from structural and commercial to residential, such as roof panel roll forming machines, structural fabrication services and machining&processing.

Final Thoughts


Now that you know about some of the most popular roll forming machine manufacturers, you can go ahead and do your research, compare different products, consider different factors, and finally choose the best roll forming machine manufacturer for you.

Remember that there are many other factors to consider when buying a roofing sheet roll forming machine besides finding the best price, such as the following considerations:

  • Machine lead time

  • Transport and freight costs

  • Technical assistance and service

  • Machine training

  • Warranty offered

  • Sales management

For over 19 years, Zhongyuan Machinery's metal roll forming machines have revolutionized the metal building industry, bringing versatile, high-quality, durable roll forming products directly to the job site.

Please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to learn more about your business, and offer professional solutions!

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