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7 Different Point of View to See The Structure of Roll Forming Machine
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7 Different Point of View to See The Structure of Roll Forming Machine

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Although the roll forming machine has various structural forms, whether it is a stand-alone machine or a molding machine in an automatic production line, it is nothing more than the following main structural forms:

1. Judging from the number of rolling heads, common are single head and double head roll forming machine, and there are also multiple heads. The double-headed can be interleaved (that is, one head and one head), or synchronous (that is, the two heads are the same as above). It is better to use a single head roll forming machine in an automatic production line, such as double head or multiple heads should be synchronous.

Double layer rolling machine

2. Judging from the way the rolling head is separated from the model, the rolling head can be moved closer to the model, commonly known as the "nodding type". At this time, the rolling head performs fixed-axis rotation and reciprocating swing, and the model only performs fixed-axis rotation. This form is more common in a single machine. In addition, the rolling head can only be rotated by the fixed axis, and the model can rotate the fixed axis and intermittently reciprocate linear motion to move closer to the rolling head. Most of the automatic and semi-automatic rolling machines and molding machines in automatic production lines belong to this Class form.

There is also a movement method of the rolling head which is a rectangular coordinate type, which is mostly used for the rolling forming of deep cup products, and the pot products are more suitable. In addition to its fixed-axis rotation, its rolling head also has a vertical downward movement and then a horizontal movement of 90° to move closer to the periphery of the model.

3. Judging from the rotation method of the rolling head, there are active and driven. Generally, the rolling head is most active, that is, driven by a motor, which is convenient for speed regulation and determining the required speed ratio. The driven rolling head is driven by the friction of the rotating sludge and the rolling head, although it can save power consumption, it is not suitable to use this form for forming products that require a strict speed ratio. Deep products can still be applied.

4. From the perspective of the method of fixing the model, there are currently two methods for fixing the model to the pallet of the main shaft. First, it is fixed by the friction force of the cone surface, and second, it is fixed by the "vacuum suction mold". The former is simple and requires no additional devices; the latter requires a vacuum system and control piping. However, the model is fixed and stable, and the spindle speed can be increased.

5. Judging from the method of feeding and ejecting blanks, some are manual, some are turntable or reciprocating tabletops, and the chain conveyor is used to realize the automatic operation of sending and ejecting blanks.

6. The rotation of the rolling head and the main shaft is generally equipped with a speed change device in the modern rolling machine to meet the requirements of speed regulation. Only a few special rolling machines are single speed. There are two methods of variable speed: stepless and stepped roll forming machine. The stepless speed change usually adopts a belt-driven step-less speed change and a DC motor speed change. The stepped speed change is usually realized by a pagoda belt drive.

step tile roll forming machine

7. From the perspective of the driving method, the driving device of the rolling machine has a mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission. The hydraulic transmission has the advantages of stable transmission and easy realization of stepless speed change, linear motion, and automatic control. The main problems are that the machining accuracy of some parts is high, and the purchase of hydraulic components is difficult.

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