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deck roll forming machine

If you want to know more about the deck roll forming machine, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the deck roll forming machine industry. More news about deck roll forming machine, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more deck roll forming machine information!
[Delivery of machines] Delivery of floor deck roll forming machine on June 26,2019


Delivery  of  floor  deck  roll  forming  machine  on  June  26,2019

[Delivery of machines] two containers for deck roll forming machine on April 04,2019


two  containers  for  deck  roll  forming  machine  on  April  04,2019

[Delivery of machines] Deck roll forming machine delivery to Colombia on January 17,2019


Deck  roll  forming  machine  delivery  to  Colombia  on  January  17,2019

[Delivery of machines] Deck roll forming machines to India on January 15,2019


Deck  roll  forming  machines  to  India  on  January  15,2019Total  two  containers.

[Delivery of machines] Delivery of roll forming machine to Turkey on January 11,2019


Delivery  of  roll  forming  machine  to  Turkey  on  January  11,2019

[Customers visit] Customer for metal roll forming machines on June 01,2019


Customer  for  metal  roll  forming  machines  on  June  01,2019After  discussion,  buyer  confirmed  5  sets  of  roll  forming  machines  in  meeting.  Same  customer  has  bought  our  automatic  CZ  purlin  roll  forming  machine  in  2017.   

[Delivery of machines] High speed deck roll forming machine with ISO quality system to Mexico On December 03,2018


High  Speed  Deck  Roll  Forming  Machine  to  Mexico  On  December  03,2018
This    deck  roll  forming  machine  is  designed  with  Mitsubishi  PLC  controller,  automatic  cutting  formed  deck  from  machine  as  per  user  set  required  different  length.
High  efficiency;  Production  speed:  20m/min.
9600m  per  shift  one  day(8  hours)  .
Long  machine  life:  machine  net  weight  is  more  than  17T.  Strong  machine  to  ensure  15  years  running  in  buyer  factory.

[Delivery of machines] Customers visit for 3 sets of Roof Roll Forming Machines on August 03,2018


Both  buyers  and  sellers  signed  sales  contract  in  Zhongyuan  factory  during  meeting.Buyers  confirmed  three  sets  of  roll  forming  machines  this  time,  same  buyer  bought  one  roofing  roll  forming  machine  in  2011  from  Zhongyuan  factory.


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