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Detailed Introduction About Purlin Roll Forming Machine in 2021
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Detailed Introduction About Purlin Roll Forming Machine in 2021

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What Is Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The purlin roll forming machine is a machine specially used to produce purlins. The common purlin machines on the market include C, Z, M purlin machines, C/Z interchange purlin machines, and HZ purlin cold bending forming machines.

The purlin roll forming process refers to a metal forming process in which metal is deformed under pressure through a series of special-shaped rolls. When the metal flakes pass through these rolls, the metal is deformed into C or Z-shaped purlins, to achieve the purpose of roll forming.


The shapes of roll forming parts include roll angle, roll tube, roll C-shaped steel, and roll Z-shaped steel. Many materials can be used for roll forming, including composite materials, ferrous metals, aluminum-brass alloys, copper alloys, lead, zinc, and tin. The c/z purlin roll forming is mainly used to process parts with continuous cross-section.


Structures of Purlin Roll Machine

Generally speaking, the purlin roll forming machine is mainly composed of an uncoiler, forming line, cutting part, electronic control system, electrical control part, and safety protection device. Zhongyuan will then introduce you to the features and functions of each part in detail.


The uncoiler is special equipment for sheet metal leveling, used for leveling line steel plates. The uncoiling machine can form uncoiling, leveling, shearing production lines, and other sheet product production lines according to related configurations. It is suitable for industries such as machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel structures, and decorations.

The uncoiler of the purlin roll forming machine is the equipment used to store unwinding materials and provide sheet materials and stably feed the steel coils into the forming production line. The coil material can be easily loaded and replaced by the coil material trolley, and the coil material and the mandrel are unfolded and operated by the hydraulic machine.

The uncoiler is an indispensable equipment in the purlin forming production line. Its function is to support the steel coil by tightening the inner hole of the steel coil and send the head of the steel strip to the leveling machine through the cooperation of the straightening machine. Therefore, the performance of the uncoiler is very important to the entire purlin roll forming line.

Roll Forming Line

Forming line: The frame of this purlin forming line adopts an integral fixed arch, the side plate adopts a 25mm steel plate, and the hole distance error is less than 0.1mm. The supporting part of the production line adopts high-quality bearings, and the bearings adopt roller feed, which can be adjusted by rotating up and down, left and right.

Roller: It is made of high-quality Cr12 molds to form 8 sets of rollers. The precision CNC machine tool processes HRC steels up to 56 to 60, with an accuracy of 6 to 7, surface roughness over 0.8, and no scratches on the surface of the formed workpiece.

Transmission System: It is the conveying part of the production line. Its power is transmitted from the main motor to the gearbox, and then from the gearbox to the drive wheels through the sprocket. The driving wheel makes the upper and lower rollers rotate synchronously and conveys the steel coil to the front end of the forming line.

Cutting Part

It consists of a fixed-length device and a shearing machine. The fixed-length equipment determines the length through the encoder. When the formed C or Z purlin reaches a fixed length, the hydraulic pressure will cut the purlin and complete the stamping.


Electronic Control System

The entire purlin production line adopts an advanced electronic control system. The parts of the purlin roll forming machine can be equipped by our company by default, or the customer can specify the desired parts. The installation standards of the electrical control components of our equipment meet international requirements, with clear line numbers, reasonable parts and components, and clear markings.


Safety Protection

A protective cover is installed on the main drive transmission device, and warning signs are set up in several places related to personal safety in the production line. Electrical equipment has a reliable safety grounding, which can maximize protection and protect personal safety.


CZ Purlin roll Forming Machine

Purlin Roll Forming Machine Types

C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The C-shaped steel purlin forming machine is formed by cold pressing of high-strength steel plates. It has the characteristics of uniform wall thickness, adjustable specifications, and high compressive strength. The C-shaped steel formed by cold bending conforms to the stress characteristics of roof purlins and can give full play to the mechanical performance of the steel.


C-shaped purlin is a new type of building material that replaces traditional steel purlins such as angle steel, channel steel, and steel pipe. Through the gradual improvement of the production process, the automatic control of the whole process is finally realized, which greatly improves production efficiency.


Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The Z-shaped steel purlin machine is a single-coil forming unit that can produce a variety of specifications of Z-shaped purlin finished products. The machine is mainly composed of a passive loading rack, a leveling device, a punching device, a cutting device after forming, a hydraulic station, and a computer control system.


The Z-shaped steel mill can produce various profiles and cold-formed steels of different materials with uniform wall thickness but complex cross-sectional shapes that are difficult to produce by general hot rolling methods.


The Z-type purlin can be used as the main force-bearing structure of large and medium-sized industrial and civil buildings, such as the roof load-bearing load and wall support of factory buildings, warehouses, hangars, hangars, exhibition halls, and gymnasiums.


C&Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The CZ purlin machine can produce various specifications of C and Z purlins through manual adjustment. If you want to produce other specifications of purlins, you don't need to change the forming roll. The production process adopts an automatic control method, which can automatically punch, cut, and shape according to the input parameters such as the length of the purlin, the longitudinal hole distance, and the quantity.


CZ Purlin Machine Production Process

Uncoiler --> Feeding --> Leveling --> hydraulic punching --> Hydraulic cutting --> Roll forming --> Purlins Output 


How to Degrease The Formed C/Z Purlin

Organic solvent degreasing. After mechanical processing, steel products often have a thick oil film on the surface. It is more difficult to directly chemically process them, and they are usually processed with organic solvents. Degreasing C and Z purlins in organic solvents is a process of dissolving saponified oil and non-saponified oil in organic solvents.


Chemical degreasing. Generally refers to treatment with an aqueous solution of alkali and alkaline salt to remove grease. This degreasing process is a relatively complex chemical process, and the oil film undergoes a chemical reaction under the action of surfactants and alkalis.


Precautions for Purlin Roll Forming Machine

  1. The door or cover of the electrical cabinet, junction box, and operating table must be closed when the purlin machine is working to avoid dirt accumulation.

  2. The person in charge should check the machine regularly to prevent the connection part of the purlin machine from loosening and leaking oil.

  3. It is necessary to ensure that the charging pressure of the accumulator is sufficient, and if an abnormality is found, it must be dealt with in time.

  4. The working voltage must be kept stable, and the fluctuation value should not exceed 5%-10% of the rated voltage.

  5. The operator is not allowed to disassemble and replace the hydraulic components without permission. When a malfunction occurs, the technician should repair the equipment promptly.


FAQs for The Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A: Quality control complies with ISO 9001. Each machine has been tested running before it’s packed for shipment.


Q: How can I trust you that machines pasted testing running before shipping?

A: We can record a test video for your reference. We also welcome you to our factory to test the machine yourself at any time.


Q: What about our after-sale service?

A: We provide technical support online as well as overseas services by skillful technicians.

There are many purlin forming machine manufacturers, and Zhongyuan is a company that manufactures and sells purlin machines. The types of purlin roll forming machines we produce include C purlin machines, Z purlin machines, C/Z purlin machines. We are an “All-in-house source” – from raw material to the final high-precision forming machine. Our tooling center is equipped with CNC turning-lathes, a grinding machine for the roller shaft, a heavy planing machine, which allow us to complete the majority of our processing procedures on-site. So we can better control the machine quality and delivery time of machines.

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