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What is Roll Forming Machine and its Advantages
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What is Roll Forming Machine and its Advantages

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What is roll forming

Roll forming processing is a process of metal coils into desired shapes. During the process, the metal coil is formed into shape by passing it through a set of forming rollers. Each stand forming rollers gives the metal an incremental bend until the desired shape is achieved.

It is an good technique to produce metal shapes in large quantities and long lengths. The roll forming machine can guarantee the consistency of the cross-section profile of the part, which is an excellent solution. Lots of parts can be produced by using metal roll forming systems, such as highway guardrail, roof system, wall system of industry workshop, door frames, fence posts, deck sheet, purlin for steel structure building, etc.

gear box transmission of roll forming machine

What raw material can be formed in roll forming machine

Several metals are used in roll forming system such as aluminum, pre-painted galvanized steel coils, galvanized steel, stainless steel and more.

Who uses roll forming in their business

Roll forming parts are used in many industries such as the steel structure building, PEB buildings, construction, railways and more.  

Advantages of roll forming machine

Roll forming machine is the most economical production process for the continuous bending of metal channels, angles, and complex shapes with multiple bends. It can Improve efficiency and reduce costs by adding holes, notches, slots, and embossments into forming machines. 

Roll forming machines have high productivity as compared to other manufacturing techniques. You can combine the roll forming process with other operations to reduce manufacturing costs. 

Roll forming is aided by CAD/CAM systems, which help the machines to work at maximum potential. This not only reduces the need for human intervention but also helps companies save money on manpower. As the increasing for industrialization of countries around the worl, the demanding for steel rolling machinery will also increase. Therefore, the rolling industry will continue to maintain a good momentum in the next few years.

ready profile roll forming machine

We hope that this article will give you a basic understanding of what roll forming is and why it is so important in the industry. Metal roll forming machinery enables companies to manufacture many forming parts in an efficient and accurate way.

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