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Roll forming machine

These are related to the Roll forming machine news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Roll forming machine, to help you better understand and expand Roll forming machine market. Because the market for Roll forming machine is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
[Delivery of machines] Delivery of Aluminium Step Tile Roll forming machine on April 17,2019


Delivery  of  Aluminium  Step  Tile  Roll  forming  machine  on  April  17,2019 

[Delivery of machines] Delivery of Spanish Step Tile Roll forming machine on April 16,2019


Delivery  of    Spanish  Step  Tile  Roll  forming  machine  on  April  16,2019 

[Delivery of machines] Delivery of automatic clip roll forming machine on Feb.27,2019


Delivery  of  automatic  clip  roll  forming  machine  on  Feb.27,2019

[Delivery of machines] Delivery of Metrocopo roll forming machine with gear box transmission on Feb.19,2019


Delivery  of  Metrocopo  roll  forming  machine  with  gear  box  transmission  on  Feb.19,2019 

[Delivery of machines] Deck roll forming machines to India on January 15,2019


Deck  roll  forming  machines  to  India  on  January  15,2019Total  two  containers.

[Delivery of machines] Delivery of roll forming machine to Turkey on January 11,2019


Delivery  of  roll  forming  machine  to  Turkey  on  January  11,2019

[Delivery of machines] Delivery of R101 roll forming machine on January 09,2019


Delivery  of  R101  roll  forming  machine  on  January  09,2019

[Delivery of machines] Delivery of 1450 width roof roll forming machine to India on January 08,2019


Delivery  of  1450  width  roof  roll  forming  machine  to  India  on  January  08,2019There  are  two  40GP  containers  for  two  sets  of  roll  forming  machine. 

Zhongyuan attended BATIMATEC Building & Construction Exhibition in Algeria


BATIMATEC    Building  &  Construction  Materials  International  Exhibition  in  2019

[Customers visit] Buyer from Russia to inspect ordered roll forming machine on March 30,2019 Buyer visited to inspect ordered roll forming machines in Zhongyuan Factory.


Buyer  from  Russia  to  inspect  ordered  roll  forming  machine  on  March  30,2019

Buyer  visited  to  inspect  ordered  roll  forming  machines  in  Zhongyuan  Factory. 

[Customers visit] Buyer from Russia for portable roll forming machine on September 25,2018


Buyer  from  Russia  for  portable  roll  forming  machine  on  September  25,2018.  Buyer  came  to  inspect  factory  before  he  placed  his  order.  We  signed  contract  for  three  sets  of  roll  forming  machines  already  in  this  meet. 

[Customers visit] Buyer from Columbia for roll forming machine on January 25.2019


Buyer  from  Columbia  for  roll  forming  machine  on  January  25,2019
After  visiting,  buyer  has  strong  confident  to  cooperate  with  us  for  our  made  metal  roll  forming  machine  quality  control  and  production  processing.

[BLOG] How to Get Good Quality Roll Forming Machine and Find the Right Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer


Roll  forming  machine  industry  is  not  one  standard  industry,  so  there  is  no  quality  standard  to  help  buyers  how  to  get  good  quality  roll  forming  machines.  I  am  working  in  roll  forming  machine  industry  since  2001,  hope  my  work  today  can  guide  some  buyers  correctly.Generally,  you  should  choose  your...

[Delivery of machines] Delivery Of High Speed Step Tile Cold Roll Forming Equipment To Benin On December 29,2018


Zhongyuan  Machinery  Factory  creates  customized  good  quality  roll  forming  machines  and  provide  unique  service  that  meets  the  specific  profile  our  customer  wants. 
1.【High  efficiency】Production  speed:  about  6-7/min.  You  can  get  2800m  per  shift  one  day(8  hours)  .
2.【Long  Life  Machine  】Buyer  can  use  Zhongyuan cold  roll  forming  machine  at  least  15  years. 


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