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How to Get Good Quality Roll Forming Machine and Find the Right Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer
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How to Get Good Quality Roll Forming Machine and Find the Right Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-12-25      Origin: Site


Roll forming machine industry is not one standard industry, so there is no quality standard to help buyers how to get good quality roll forming machines. I am working in roll forming machine industry since 2001, hope my work today can guide some buyers correctly.

Generally, you should choose your roll forming machines as per your real purpose: you buy the machines in china, you can find many kinds of price for roll forming machines from different companies: price range from USD5000 to USD50000 for normal 1000mm width profile.

My suggestion is following: 

1.Not only consider price of roll forming machine.

If you buy the roll forming machine just for one time project, waste it once you finish your project. You can consider to buy roll forming machine at price of USD12000 to USD15000. I never suggest buyers to buy roll forming machine whose price less than USD10000 because maybe you can not run it at all when you get it in your company. Adding your importing tax and transportation, you waste more than USD12000 at least. Not considering your own time cost for this deal. 

If you buy roll forming machine for investment, I suggest buyers consider to buy roll forming machines price more than USD15000 at least if normal quality requirement. Because you buy the machine to earn money for you, if machine gets problem when you getting order, you lost your customers and bussiness will be less and less. Only good quality roll forming machine can promise you good sheets out of it and keep your customers. 

Chinese labor cost and material cost is not cheap, if roll forming machine price is no profit , how the boss continue his company to make good quality roll forming machines?  

Good quality roll forming machine requires good raw material and good quality parts of machines. In good roll forming machine manufacturers, they control whole quality from raw material、chains、gears、electrical parts, hydraulic parts, so that control all machine quality for buyers. 

2.Service after sell is second factor for your deal. 

Only in good quality manufacturers, you can get quick response for your roll forming machine service after sell. In Botou city, many factories tell buyers clearly that they are not responsible for their machines once machines are out of their factories. I got buyer from Qatar to try to pay our company to supply service for his machines bought from Botou city, I am sorry I had to answer him that we can supply service for roll forming machines from Zhongyuan Machinery Factory only. 

Not Hesitate to ask me if you have other question. I am happy to help you.

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