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Steps And Precautions for Installing Gutter Guards on Metal Roofs
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Steps And Precautions for Installing Gutter Guards on Metal Roofs

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If you want a better living environment, the drainage capacity of the metal roof is very important. No one hopes that someday water will leak from the ceiling and damage the interior of the building. To avoid this, we can isolate the water from the outside of the building and direct it to the roof drain or other drainage location. The roof drain is one of the most effective designs at the basic level, but it has not been taken seriously. This article will guide you to complete the replacement of the drainage device on the metal roof and install a new roof waterproof system.

The metal roof has a variety of colors and styles, no matter what the architectural style is, it can add ornamentation to ordinary houses. Although metal roofs are generally more expensive than asphalt shingles, the service life of metal roofing systems is at least twice that of traditional roof tiles. The metal roof provides additional protection for fire situations and can withstand wind speeds of 140 miles per hour. The gutter guards can be installed in almost all metal roofing systems. However, before choosing a drain guard, you should consider the following points.

Size and Placement of Gutters

Metal roofs can drain faster than roofs covered with asphalt shingles or other porous materials. Metal roofs are generally thicker, which can raise the surface of the roof. These two factors may overload the gutter, or “overshoot” the runoff in the downpour. Use a 5 to 6-inch drain and install it as high as possible without affecting the slope required for proper drainage. If you are already experiencing runoff problems, adding drain guards may exacerbate the problem. You will want to make sure that the guard you choose does not obstruct the flow of water through the drain.

Precautions for Working at Height

Before preparing to install gutter guards on a metal roof, the first thing you need to know is the correct way to work at heights.

Working at heights, no matter how small you think the probability of falling, the hidden risks are unavoidable. Below are some precautions for working at heights:

Parts must not be dismantled and used arbitrarily

For safety belts used for high-altitude operations, various parts must not be removed, and damaged ones must not be used.

The ladder must be strong and stable

All kinds of ladders used in climbing operations should be sturdy and placed steadily. The slope of the ladder is generally 60 to 70 degrees, and anti-skid devices should be provided.

Take protective measures for the equipment

When working with asbestos tile ridges, sturdy, non-slip scaffolding must be laid. If the working surface has a slope, it must be fixed.

On-site safety guardian

There must be an on-site safety guardian when working at heights. Before working at high places, operators and safety guardians should carefully inspect and clean up the site to meet safety requirements. The passage should be kept unobstructed, and no materials irrelevant to the operation should be stacked.

Disassembly work should be standardized

When disassembling at high places, all objects should be hoisted down with a hoist, rope, or tool bag, and it is strictly prohibited to drop them directly. For example, during passageway construction, the passageway should be temporarily blocked or guard baffles or protective nets should be added, and warnings should be set to detour.

Don't walk around and climb casually

Workers at high places should walk by the passages and escalators set up, and must not walk and climb indiscriminately for convenience.


How to Install Gutter Guards on Metal Roof

Once you understand the various security rules and all the required tools are ready, you can start to install gutter guards. To ensure that your guard is properly secured to the house and works as efficiently as possible, please follow the steps we provide to install it correctly.

Clean The Old Gutter Guards

Before starting work, if your metal roof has been installed with gutter guards, our first step is to clean the old drainage system.

When cleaning the gutter guard, always keep your attention, because the metal roof gutter system usually has algae living for a long time, which will make it easy to slip and fall.

The roof and gutter system may be sharp, so make sure to wear a pair of thick gloves when cleaning, as this will prevent your hands from getting scratched or cut while cleaning.

Fixed Mesh

After cleaning the drain, the next step is to calculate the number of meshes needed. Make sure to leave more mesh at both ends of the eaves, about 20-30 cm.

Before securing the guards, you should first use the supplied pre-drilled pilot holes to secure them in place. After fixing, use about 250mm self-drilling screws to tighten the decorative strip. Continue this process until the entire gutter is completed.

Cut The Mesh And Install Saddles

You need to cut a 40-50 mm cut in the mesh on the upper part of each roof ridge, mainly to ensure that the mesh profile fits perfectly with the metal roof. Then use the screws to screw the saddle to the roof. Do not tighten the screws too tightly, as this may make it difficult for you to replace them later.

After all the steps are completed, you now have brand new roof gutter guards. If you want to update the metal roof as well, please continue to browse the content below.

How to Start Your Metal Roof Project

If it is an ordinary house renovation, you can go directly to the metal roof supplier to purchase the metal roof. It is best to choose a business with a good reputation and better service, because the metal roof has a long service life, and a guaranteed business can give you feedback when you submit a warranty after five years.

For metal roof merchants, they can purchase a batch of metal roof machines to produce different metal roofs and gradually expand their commercial scale. Zhongyuan is a well-reputed roofing machine manufacturer, we can provide

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