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Safety Precautions for Glazed Tile Forming Machine
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Safety Precautions for Glazed Tile Forming Machine

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1. The electrical equipment shall be inspected and maintained on time according to the regulations, and the unused electrical equipment lines shall be completely removed.

2. In the event of a power outage in the department, if there are nearby electrical objects less than 0.9 meters away from the inspection staff, dry wood rubber or insulating materials must be used as a reliable temporary shelter.

3. When it is found that the conductive part of the pressure tile machinery is grounded before the power supply is blocked, no one is allowed to approach except for rescuers who are electrocuted.

4. When repairing the equipment of the glazed tile forming machine, pull down the switch and the knife, hang up a warning sign and hang up a warning sign of "stop, high voltage danger" in the aisle where live equipment passes.

5. Electricians must understand the types and functions of electrical wiring and electrical equipment in the workshop, and risk work is prohibited.

6. Electricians should check the conditions of cables, motors, electric consoles and other equipment daily. Problems found during the inspection must be dealt with in time.

7. Except for temporary construction use of electricity or temporary measures, temporary wires and lights are not allowed to be installed. Switches and sockets with safety applications such as instruments, tools and electric welders, and the original electrical wiring shall not be changed without authorization.

8. The equipment must be connected to a safety ground wire. Trial operation is the last process in the installation of glazed tile forming machine. Its purpose is to identify whether the color steel tile press meets the requirements of design and use, and whether it can be put into production normally.

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