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Precautions When Using The Roll Forming Machine
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Precautions When Using The Roll Forming Machine

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  1. The operator must be familiar with the machine's performance and operating procedures.

  2. Before starting the machine, make sure that there are no debris or obstacles in and around the machine. Check whether the buttons of each instrument are normal.

  3. Before each work, start the equipment for a test run for 10 minutes. During the test run, turn on the grease lubrication pump to fully lubricate each lubrication point. Do not start with load.

  4. Add lubricating oil every 30 minutes during normal operation to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

  5. It is forbidden to get on the top of the equipment when the equipment is working.

  6. During operation, abnormal vibration, hydraulic oil leakage and noise are found to stop and check immediately.

  7. Non-operators are forbidden to enter the work area, and a distance of more than 2 meters should be kept from the equipment.

  8. Stick to your job position and prohibit leaving without authorization. Shut down the equipment when leaving the equipment due to accident, and explain the equipment situation to the monitor clearly.

  9. The pressure of the equipment system is 20Mp, and overpressure work is strictly prohibited.

  10. After the work, the equipment was switched off, and the surrounding area was cleaned up.

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