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Precautions for The Operation of Glazed Tile Forming Machine
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Precautions for The Operation of Glazed Tile Forming Machine

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The automatic glazed tile forming machine can be installed and used separately, but it needs to be manually loaded and unloaded. The automatic color steel tile press can be equipped with automatic loading racks, unloading manipulators and extruders, cutting color steel tile presses, blank feeders, and wato conveyor lines to form tile blank production lines. The machine is mainly composed of left and right body, bottom connecting rod, top case cover, sliding seat, hexagonal runner, belt pulley, gear mechanism, sheave mechanism, cam mechanism, lubrication pump, oil circuit system, an electronic control part, etc.

The color steel tile press equipment will inevitably encounter problems in the production process. The most common problem is the deviation of the color steel plate. Once misaligned, it will affect the production efficiency of the machinery and the product qualification rate, so we must know how to correct these errors. After a long period of exploration and research, we have come up with a method to adjust this problem:

If the equipment board runs to the right, you need to pad it to the left corner with an iron block or flatten the roller on the right. If the first axis is off, the axis should be flattened. The upper roller should be the same as the lower roller. The axis remains consistent. If the top is flattened, the bottom should also be flattened. The uniformly symmetrical roller cannot be changed.

If it still does not work, first adjust the four corners of the front and back rows of the color steel tile press from the large frame to the same height as the upper end of the shaft. Then, from the first row to the last row, find a line to straighten, check whether the lower shaft is on a horizontal line, and adjust the left and right sides of the lower shaft to be horizontal. Find the symmetry points in the first row and the last row of the color steel tile equipment, and then tighten the lock nuts on both sides, pull a straight line before and behind the center of the middle runner, and adjust the gap between the upper and lower shafts. The machine can be adjusted along a straight line.

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