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Operating Skills of Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine
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Operating Skills of Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

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The quality of the foundation ground on which the glazed tile roll forming machine is placed has a great impact on the operation and use of the tile roll forming machine and the smooth progress of the installation work.

Because the foundation has to bear the weight of the glazed tile making machine itself and the vibration force generated during operation, but also absorb and isolate the vibration generated during work and prevent resonance. If the foundation fails to meet the design requirements, it will tilt, sink, or even be destroyed if it cannot withstand these forces. As a result, the glazed tile making machine was damaged or even stopped running.

For this reason, the foundation should be carefully inspected before the installation of the step tile roll forming machine, and problems should be dealt with in advance. The inspection contents include: external dimensions, levelness, center line, elevation, center distance of anchor bolt holes, and whether they meet the requirements of design and construction specifications.

The templates around the foundation, the wooden boxes of the anchor bolt holes, and stagnant water should all be cleaned. For the smooth foundation surface within the secondary grouting range, many small round pits (that is, shovel pitted surface) should be drilled with steel drills. This is to make the newly poured concrete and the original concrete surface of the anchor bolt hole or the original foundation surface to be firmly joined during the secondary grouting to ensure the quality of the grouting.

Under normal circumstances, the foundation is most likely to produce problems such as elevation non-compliance and anchor bolt position deviation, and these problems should be dealt with in time. When the foundation elevation does not match and the part is too high, the flocculation can be used to lower it. When it is too low, the original foundation surface can be shoveled into a squat surface, rinsed with water, and then filled with concrete. When the deviation of the foundation center is too large, consider changing the position of the anchor bolts for adjustment. If there is a small deviation of the embedded anchor bolts, the bolts can be blown red by gas welding and moved to the correct position. When the deviation is too large, the larger bolts can be cut to a certain depth around them, and a section of the bolts can be lap welded according to the required size, and reinforcement measures should be adopted.

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