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Introduction of Zinc Copper Titanium Materials for Metal Roofing
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Introduction of Zinc Copper Titanium Materials for Metal Roofing

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Introduction of Zinc Copper Titanium Alloy

Zinc-copper-titanium alloy (commonly known as titanium-zinc) is a high-strength, creep-resistant alloy developed in the 1910s, and its mechanical properties are comparable to copper alloys and aluminum alloys. After the 1960s, it gradually gained industrial production and application in Europe and America, opening up a new field of structural materials.

The titanium zinc plate is made by smelting high-purity metallic zinc (99.995 with a small amount of titanium and copper) that meets the European quality standard EN179.

The content of titanium is 0.06~0.2%, which can improve the creep resistance of the alloy, and the content of copper is 0.8%~1.00% to enhance the hardness of the alloy.

Zinc is an excellent durable metal material. It has natural corrosion resistance and can form a dense passivation protective film on the surface so that zinc maintains a very slow corrosion rate.

Experimental detection and tracking show that the corrosion rate of zinc is less than 1 micron/year, and 0.7mm titanium zinc plates can be used for nearly 100 years. Zinc can automatically recover after being wounded. The wound surface will recover 0.001μ within a day, 0.005μ after one day, and 0.01μ after 20 days.

Currently, zinc has three finished colors to choose from: original zinc (similar to stainless steel), pre-passivated zinc (pre-passivation treatment) surface can form blue-gray and patina.

Properties of Zinc Copper Titanium Alloy

The common thickness of the titanium-zinc plate used for metal roof and wall is 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and other specifications. The density is 7.18g/cm3, and its breaking strength is 16kg/mm2. The elongation is 15~18%, the elastic modulus is 1.5*105Mpa, the thermal conductivity is 109w/mxk, and the melting point is 418℃.

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The Characteristics of Zinc Copper Titanium alloy

1. Long service life: under normal climatic conditions and correct installation, it can reach 80-100 years of service life.

2. Self-healing: relying on the protection of the zinc carbonate protective film formed by itself can prevent the surface layer from being further dressed, without painting protection. Strong metal texture, and can heal automatically after scratches without leaving scratches.

3. Low maintenance: The passivation layer on the surface of the zinc plate is integrated with the plate, and will not peel off or fall off, and constantly produce a passivation protective layer. The passivation layer allows the titanium zinc plate to continuously repair itself after being scratched by external forces, so no special maintenance is required.

4. Compatibility: Compatible with other metal materials, such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, and lead.

5. Environmental protection: No need for special maintenance and cleaning, and meet high ecological standards. In addition, the titanium zinc plate is pre-passivated through a special impregnation process, so the wind erosion process has no effect on it. And zinc is a non-ferrous metal, which can be recycled and will not cause any pollution to the environment. In today's world where people are concerned about environmental protection, it is indeed an "excellent" building material.

6. Superior forming performance: The sheet has good elongation and tensile strength, good plasticity, and can be formed into three-dimensional arcs on site. Meet the rich creative imagination and inspiration requirements of the owners and architects.

7. It is good for fire fighting: the melting point is low (660 degrees Celsius). In the event of a fire, the roof is easily burned through, causing the fire to spread outwards instead of inward and laterally, which helps firefighters to fill water from the top to extinguish the fire.

8. Special surface texture and luster: it can be harmoniously matched with other colors. As a noble and elegant building material, titanium zinc plate can be perfectly combined with wood, glass, stone and other materials.

9. Natural livable materials: Zinc is an essential element for humans, animals and plants. Rainwater washed down by zinc roofs and walls is safe drinking water, which can flow into ponds, rivers or gardens without any harm.

10. Wide range of utilization: it can be used as any surface decoration, decoration and rainproof material of buildings.

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