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Introduction of Aluminum-Magnesium-Manganese Alloy Materials for Metal Roofing
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Introduction of Aluminum-Magnesium-Manganese Alloy Materials for Metal Roofing

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Introduction of aluminum magnesium manganese alloy

Aluminum metal is extracted from nature through electrolysis and then smelted with quantitative copper, manganese, magnesium, silicon, zinc, and other elements to form a variety of alloys, which can obtain mechanical and physical properties that can meet various needs. Currently, there are nine series of deformed aluminum alloys from 1000 to 9000, which are used in consumer products, aerospace, construction, packaging, transportation, and electrical equipment.

It conforms to the 3004 alloys specified in the DIN1725 standard. It has the advantages of a lightweight, moderate structural strength, weather resistance, stain resistance, and easy processing and welding. The service life can be up to 50 years under normal climatic environment, and it has been widely used in buildings in Europe, America, and other countries. In recent years, it has been recognized and affirmed in the use of Chinese buildings. It has played an important role in the direction of comfort, durability, lightweight, economy, and environmental protection for modern buildings.

Properties of Al-Mg-Mn alloy

The common thickness of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy plates used for roofs and walls is 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mmmm, etc. The density is 2.73g/cm3, the tensile strength is ≥225Mpa, the yield strength is ≥190Mpa, the elongation is >3%, and the base material expansion coefficient is 23×10-6.

Characteristics of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy

1. Lightweight, density is 2.73g/cm3, only 1/3 of rigidity.

2. The tensile strength is 2.5 times that of ordinary aluminum. The aluminum alloy contains a certain amount of magnesium and manganese, which makes it have a certain strength and rigidity.

3. Corrosion resistance. It forms an aluminum oxide film with the atmosphere to prevent further corrosion.

4. The appearance and surface treatment are diverse and beautiful. Can be hammered, anodic oxidation, electrophoresis, chemical treatment, polishing, painting treatment.

5. Good plasticity. Easy to process, suitable for various building metal roofs and metal curtain walls.

6. Good conductivity. The thickness of aluminum-magnesium-manganese is generally 0.7~0.9mm, which can be directly used as a lightning protection air-termination device but should avoid perforation in the roof.

7. Superior electromagnetic wave shielding performance, so that the human brain is not harmed.

8. It does not release harmful toxins and is an ideal environmental protection material.

9. The recycling value is very high, the long-term use cost is relatively economical, and it saves natural resources.

10. Good for fire fighting: low melting point (660 degrees Celsius). When a fire occurs, the roof is easy to burn through, causing the fire to spread outwards instead of inward and laterally. It is helpful for firefighters to pour water from the top to extinguish the fire to the A1 fire protection standard.

11. High comprehensive cost performance.

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