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Features And Maintenance of Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine
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Features And Maintenance of Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

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Features of glazed tile roll forming machine

1. Small size, lightweight, easy to move and transport, and small space occupation.

2. One glazed tile roll forming machine has multiple functions and various functions. By purchasing different heads, bricks of different varieties and specifications can be produced.

3. The glazed tile making machine uses less power, saves energy consumption, and helps reduce production costs.

4. Reduce labor, reduce labor intensity, improve labor efficiency, and minimize production costs.

5. The glazed tiles produced by the glazed tile machine have high strength and a smooth and beautiful surface.

glazed roll forming machine  glazed tile forming machine

Maintenance of glazed tile forming machine

(1) Inspection of the electric control device of the pressure tile roll forming machine to ensure normal operation during production. Check the normal operation of the indicator lights of the electric control cabinet during the trial operation.

(2) The cleaning of the roof tile roll forming machine is to give the equipment a good appearance and a good working environment. The cleaning of the glazed tile roll forming machine includes the cleanliness of the inside and outside of the equipment. There is no oil in the lead screw, rack, and oil hole of the bushing. There is no oil leakage in all parts. The chips, debris, and dirt around the equipment should be cleaned. Ensure that there are no risks in the operation of the equipment. Tidy tools, accessories, and workpieces (products) must be placed neatly, and pipes and lines must be organized.

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