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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine
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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine



Brief introduction of Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine:

Technical Parameters of Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

Suitable material

Q235A galvanized steel sheet; thickness:1.0-1.5mm

Forming speed

About 8-10m/min.

Production speedAbout 3m/min.
Material of rollerCr12 mould steel being quenched treatment,HRC58-60
Material of cutter blade& punching dieCr12 mould steel with quenched treatment, HRC58-60

Power Requirement

About 35 Kw(Depend on final design)                

Material of shaft

High quality 45# steel, with heat treatment.

Roller grinder milling.

Type of cuttingAfter roll-formed and length-set cutting

Controlling system

Mitsubishi PLC & converter


We are committed to producing high quality machinery:
Cable tray width is adjustable.


Automatic & Easy Operate

Mitsubishi PLC with touch screen. Friendly man-machine interaction.The system is simple to learn and easy to operate.

Automatic Operation:once you set quantity and length of product,machine will produce product automatically.


Control Quality Well

Zhongyuan factory is a "All-in-house source" from raw material to the final high-precision forming machine. All are done in our factory. Quality and delivery time can be controlled here.

Simple to install and easy to maintain.

You only need to connect some tubes and wires in your factory. Video and manual will show you how to do.

Our experienced technicians can supply overseas service.


Product application of  Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

In order to satisfy various customer requirements, we design and manufacture Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine in different specs, models and configurations.

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Application Example



Packaging Details

1. One *40GP container for loading one set of machine with mechanical decoiler; 

2. The whole Wiped Anti Rust Oil, PLC controller covered by foam film; 

3.Spare parts and some small parts packed in plastic tooling box; 

4.All Components Fixed by steel wire with Container. Suitable for long time sea shipping. 

Delivery Time

Machine ready within 60 days after getting 30% deposit and confirming contract details from buyer and sellers.


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Product Inquiry


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