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Basic Knowledge of Cold Roll Forming Machine
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Basic Knowledge of Cold Roll Forming Machine

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The cold roll forming machine's rolling stability problem often encounters the problem of deflection of the material in the raceway in the production. The single group of rollers is asymmetric, the left side is stressed, and the material deflects to the right and the material swings to the left. The method to untie this problem is:

Accurate calculation of neutral layer in the deformation zone, accurate calculation of materials used in the deformation zone, and good symmetry of roller machining.

As far as possible, the non-deformed area should not be compressed (such as the bottom of the slide rail), and the gap between the upper and lower rollers should be consistent during assembly.

Before the material bites in, the guide bevel should be set according to the previous rolling state. Before the stable pressure, the material slides smoothly in the roller.

The problem of bending and twisting in the production of cold roll forming machines is mainly caused by unbalanced forces. The left and right forces are unbalanced.

The cold roll forming machine is a new type of equipment for processing and manufacturing steel arches for tunnel support, and a cold bending machine is a machine that can be directly applied to the production line. The functions are similar, but the degree of processing is different.

The cold forming machine has the principle of the average force of each pass, which can extend the service life of the roll. In production, it should be designed with balanced force, accurate processing, and easy installation and adjustment.

The cold roll forming machine ensures the strength of the material, improves the quality of the supporting steel arch, greatly improves the work efficiency, and the operation is simple and clear. Compared with the two, they have good working performance.

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