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How much does a roof roll forming machine cost?
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How much does a roof roll forming machine cost?

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When you decide to buy roof roll forming equipment, a good price is preferred. No matter what you buy, a new hat or a new metal roof roll forming machine, the first question is always: How much does it cost?

Well, this is the short answer to that question: It depends.

This may not be the answer you're searching for, but it is the truth. No single metal sheet roll forming machine is priced exactly the same as another. Furthermore, we don't think it's fair to lump all the different options together into one price.

You have in your hands different quotes for the metal roof roll forming machine you want to buy. As you probably noticed, different equipment emphasizes different specifications. The bottom line is that prices are always different.

So this article presents several factors to consider for the cost of Metal roof roll forming machines if company pay attention to his machines quality.

  • Material costs

  • Processing cost and labour costs

  • Operating costs

What is a Metal Roof Roll Forming Machine?

Roof roll forming machine is a common type of roll forming machine that can produce metal roofing panels. Metal roof roll forming machines can produce metal roof panels from PPGI, GI, PPGA, Aluminum or even stainless steel. There are different metal roof roll forming machines for manufacturing different metal roofing panels.

Popular metal roofing sheets worldwide include R-Panel, U panel, Tuff Rib Panel, Box Rib panel, Ag Panel, Corrugated panel, Batten style panel and Glazed tile panel. Typically, a metal roofing roll forming machine produces one type of metal roof panel.

Material costs


  • Material costs represent approximately 1/3 of the total price of building a standing seam roll forming machine. These materials and accessories include the following.

  • Material for rollers and shafts

  • Material for machine construction (machine base and roll forming stands)

  • Motors

  • Controls and oil pumps

  • Accessories (such as screws, bolts, bearings, slides and chain-sprockets)

The main raw materials used to build the standing seam roll forming machine are round steel, steel plates and H-beams. Round steel is used to make rolls and shafts, steel plates are used for wall panels and H-beams are used for machine bases.

Processing and labour costs

In addition to material costs, processing costs and overall labour costs can account for about 1/2 of the total price of a metal roof roll forming machine in our company.

  • Processing steps include the following

  • Rollers processed in a CNC machine

  • Shafts processed from grinding machine three times

  • Machine-based processed from planning machine

  • Machine frame processing

roll forming machine1roll forming machine2

roll forming machine3roll forming machine4

For instance, for the construction of a step tile roll forming machine, a manufacturer would have to run a fabrication team and an assembly team.

Here is a categorized list to get a better idea of what labour costs cover

  • The time needed to complete the manufacturing of the machine

  • Wages and salaries of the employees involved

  • Employee benefits and insurance

  • Salary taxes paid by the manufacturer

Nevertheless, the factors are not always specific and can vary depending on the company's management system.

Operation costs

The operation cost to keep the company running, to build the metal roof roll forming machine. For building a metal roof roll forming facility, some of the necessary costs include:

  • Facility rental, including workshop and office building

  • Management of related departments, such as design, purchasing, production and inspection

  • Processing equipment and other machinery, such as cranes, forklifts, etc.

  • Industry or government-required licensing and training

  • Insurance premiums

  • Taxes

  • Other miscellaneous day-to-day tools and items

Almost no two businesses operate the same way or need the same amount of capital to operate. In addition, each company includes different margins in its offer. As a result, different roll forming machine manufacturers always quote different prices for the same kind of metal roofing roll forming machine.

Zhongyuan Machinery Factory specializes in the design and manufacture of a wide range of sheet metal roll forming machines. If you are interested or in need, please contact us, we are committed to answering your questions and helping you find the best roof panel machine for your needs.

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