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How does Zhongyuan make roll forming machine
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How does Zhongyuan make roll forming machine

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Established in 2003, Zhongyuan Machinery Factory is one of leading experienced manufacturers of metal roll forming equipment in China.  

Zhongyuan is“All-in-house source” – from raw material to the final high-precision roll forming equipment, all done in our company by ourselves. Our own tooling center is equipped with CNC turning-lathes, Grinding machine for roller shaft and heavy planing machine, which allow us to complete the majority of our processing procedures on-site. So, we can better control the machine quality and machines’ delivery time. 

Zhongyuan processing equipment show:

Plane Grinding Machine

Plane Grinding Machine-Mainly uses in processing the cutting blades, punching blade, etc. to achieve high flatness.

Boring Machine

Boring Machine-A Boring machine is used to achieve greater accuracy of the diameter of a hole.

Heavy planing machine

10m Frame Slotting & Milling Machine-Mainly uses in processing the surface of machines’frame to improve the flatness.

Grinding machine for roller shaft

Cylindrical Grinding Machine-Mainly uses in grinding the shafts to reach greater accuracy.

CNC tooling center

CNC Center-All the rollers are processed by the CNC machines with high accuracy.

Rough tooling center

Rough Machining Center

Zhongyuan has our own R&D department with 5 senior engineers who has more than 15 years experience in metal roll forming machine industry. We will ensure the professional designing and solution to client. We have our own tooling center, including CNC turning-lathe, Grinding machine for roller shaft, Heavy planning machine, etc. Only coating chrome, heating treatment and wire-cutting are treated in our partner, all other tooling are made in our tolling center to ensure the whole quality of machines. All cutting frame of machines from our company are heat treatment to remove stress of steel, so that ensure perfect shape of product from machine for long time. With experienced workers and advanced equipment, we have high efficiency, so that annual output can reach to be 180 sets of machines.

Hello Customers,

My name is May Fu, I am the sales manager for Zyforming. I have been working in roll forming machine industry for over 20 years. I can recommend the most suitable roll forming machine to you at the most competitive prices. From product selection to addressing any issues that may arise during your purchasing, I am well-versed in every aspect and can assure you of the most hassle-free service! Feel free to contact me if you have any problems.


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