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7 Advantages of Metal Roof Panels You Should Know
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7 Advantages of Metal Roof Panels You Should Know

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Sloping roofs of modern buildings generally include traditional tile roofing systems and metal roofing systems. Compared with traditional tile roofing, the metal roof panel has the following characteristics:

  1. Metals generally have good plasticity, so metal roofs can be adapted to roof forms of various complex shapes. The color and texture of metal roofing plates are more selective. Different metal materials and construction methods can be selected according to different architectural styles and customer needs. The metal roof meets the needs of architectural creation to the greatest extent.

  2. The overall structure of the metal material is good, and the structure is malleable. Compared with the traditional concrete and other materials, the metal roof panel is easier to adapt to the change of the roof surface temperature. As long as the structure is properly designed, the waterproof and drainage performance is good.

  3. Since the roof is the place most affected by natural wind, rain, and snow, the metal materials for roofs generally choose copper plates, zinc plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum magnesium manganese alloy plates, and coated steel plates with good durability. The durability and waterproof performance of these materials are significantly higher than traditional flexible and rigid waterproof systems. Therefore, metal roofing systems generally have the characteristics of the relatively long maintenance period, easy maintenance, and low long-term calculation cost.

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  4. The metal roof panels are all good conductors, and the roof system formed by them is connected to an effective ground, which can avoid the destruction of lightning.

  5. Compared with traditional reinforced concrete and other roofs, the metal roof system is lighter in weight, which reduces the building load, reduces the cost of the main structure, and is beneficial to the transportation and construction of materials.

  6. Non-wet operation construction, through systematic design, factory processing, and systematic construction organization, metal roof panel installation is simple and fast, and it is easy to ensure construction quality.

  7. The recycling rate of waste metal roofing materials is high, which is conducive to environmental protection in the long run.

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