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Omega roll forming machine to Romania on July 10,2020
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Omega roll forming machine to Romania on July 10,2020

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-07-13      Origin: Site Inquire

Omega roll forming machine to Romania  on July 10,2020 

Omega roll forming machine


(1) Manual Decoiler                         1 set(Capacity : 3 tons)

(2) Roll-Forming M/C                        1 set  

(3) Punching device                          1 set (Equip 3 punching molds)

(4) Hydraulic Cutting                         1 set (Equip 3 cutter blades)

(5) Hydraulic Station                         1 set

(6) PLC Control System                      1 set

(7) Product Rack (un-powered)                1 set (two pieces, total length is 3 meters)

(8) Tool Box                                    1 set


1) Coil Width: As profile shows

2) Suitable Coil Thickness: 1.5 mm -3.0mm

3) Suitable Raw Materials: Cold Rolled Sheet 

4) Yield strength of raw material: 235Mpa

 Roll-Forming M/C:

1) The main frame of machine is welded separately and the outside wall is connected by screw after being rotoblasted on the surface.

2) Roller Material is Cr12 mould steel being quenched treatment, with digital-controlled procession.

3) Shafts of rollers are tooled by grinding machine for two times to ensure the precision of final product.

4) Shaft diameter is 90mm.

5) Quantity of forming rollers : About 28 stations (Depends on final design)

6) 24A-1 Chain and gear move the line, motor drives. All working actions are controlled by PLC electric cabinet automatically.

7) Adjust the screw pole manually to adjust the distance between upper and lower rollers to form different thickness product.

8) Adjust the space rings between rollers manually when changing product size.

9) Suitable power voltage:380V/50Hz, 3 phase(can be designed according to buyer’s requirement)

10) Line working speed (Forming speed):about 10-12m/min (without Punch and cut time)

11)  Main machine motor power: about 7.5*2kW(Depend on final design)

12)  Total weight : about 14000kgs.

13)  The whole line’s size 15mX1.6mx2m (LxWxH)

zhongyuan tooled forming rollers

Omage roll forming machine in our factory, it can be used to forming max. 3mm thickness omage.   

Omega roll forming equipment

Omage produced from Zhongyuan roll forming machine

Omega production

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