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Delivery of Zhongyuan Nigeria step tile roll forming machine On Jan, 14,2022 To Nigeria
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Delivery of Zhongyuan Nigeria step tile roll forming machine On Jan, 14,2022 To Nigeria

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Nigeria step tile roll forming machine to Nigeris as following:


(1)Manual decoiler                   1pc (capacity:5 tons)

(2)Guiding Equipment                1set

(3)Roll Forming Equipment            1set

(4)Pressing equipment                1 set

(5)Post-cutting Equipment             1set

(6)Hydraulic Station                  1pc

(7)PLC Control Panel                 1pc

(8) Tool Box                        1pc

Zhongyuan is one famous brand in metal cold roll forming lines industry. In Nigeria, our customers praise Zhongyuan brand roof roll forming machines to be same quality level of BMW brand car in car industry.

Step Tile Sheet Roll Forming Machine Main Technical Parameters:

1) Working Speed:              About 5-6m/min. (including the cutting& pressing time)

2) Main Motor Power:           5.5KW (Depend on final design)

3) Hydraulic Station Power:       5.5KW (Depend on final design)

4) Control System:              Mitsubishi PLC and transducer (Japan)

5) Encoder:                   Nemicon (Japan)

6) Rollers’ material            High grade No.45 forged steel, with digital-controlled procession,plated wit chrome on surface.

7) Shaft diameter              72mm, tooled by grinding machine for two times to ensure the precision of final product.

8) Type of Cutting:             Length-set cutting and post forming style

9) Electric Condition:           380V/3Phase/50HZ(or depend on customer)

10) Transmission system:         gear box

11) Total Weight:               About 11500 Kg

Steel roof produced from Zhongyuan Step Tile sheet Forming Machine:

zhongyuan step tile machine

Packing picture

zhongyuan step tile forming machine

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