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Decking Roll Forming Machine to Mexico
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Decking Roll Forming Machine to Mexico

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-01-12      Origin: Site Inquire

Decking Roll Forming Machine to Mexico 

One deck roll forming machine was sent to Mexico again, thanks to our customers support,we send more than 10 sets of similar decking roll forming machine to Mexico every year. 

zhongyuan Customized Decking Forming Machine


(1) Manual de-coiler                         1 set(Capacity : 7 tons)

(2) Roll-Forming M/C                        1 set

(3) Hydraulic Cutting                        1 set

(4) Hydraulic station                         1 set

(5) PLC Control System                      1 set

(6) Product Rack (un-powered)                1 set 

(7) Tool Box                               1 pc

Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine Main Technical Parameters:

1) Forming Speed:              Max. About 18m/min. (excluding the cutting time)

2) Main Motor Power:           11KWX2 (Depend on final design)

3) Hydraulic Station Power:       4KW (Depend on final design)

4) Control System:              Mitsubishi PLC and transducer (Japan)

5) Encoder:                   Nemicon (Japan)

6) Rollers’ material            High grade No.45 forged steel, with digital-controlled procession,

                                      plated wit chrome on surface.  

7) Shaft diameter              82mm, tooled by grinding machine for two times

                                 to ensure the precision of final product.

8) Type of Cutting:             Length-set cutting and post forming style

9) Electric Condition:           380V/3Phase/50HZ(or depend on customer)

10) Total Weight:               About 15500 Kg

Steel deck produced from Zhongyuan Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine:

zhongyuan Decking Roll cold roll forming machine price

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