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Corrugated roll forming machine delivery on May 25,2020
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Corrugated roll forming machine delivery on May 25,2020

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Corrugated roll forming machine delivery on May 25,2020

corrugated roll forming machine

Corrugated sheet roll former :

Model: corrugated sheet roll former

Suiting material: 550Mpa PPGI steel coils  

Material thickness:0.2-0.25mm

Line speed: About 30m per minute.  

Dimension of machine: 8.5X1.8X1.7mm  

Cutting blade material: CR12MOV. Heat treatment. HRC58-60 .

Cutting frame: heat treatment to get good performance

All work done in ISO quality system requirement.


This machine is designed specially to produce 0.2-0.25mm thin thickness ppgi roof sheet, to save material cost for buyer. 

Why choose Zhongyuan: 

1.“All-in-house source” – from raw material to the final high-precision tile machine.All are done in our factory. 

2.Quality and delivery time can be controlled here.
3.With technical support by our 15 years experienced engineers and technicians, we can provide you suggestion and solution within 24 hours.

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