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Acanaladora de lámina RN 100-35
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Acanaladora de lámina RN 100-35

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-06-27      Origin: Site Inquire

Delivery of Acanaladora de lámina RN 100-35 and metal decking machine to Mexico

Total three containers to Mexico. 

Machines photos as following: 

zhongyuan Decking Forming Machine

zhongyuan roofing corrugated sheet cold roll forming machine

zhongyuan Metal Decking Machine

zhongyuan roll forming machine for roofing sheet

zhongyuan building material steel roofing sheet roll forming machine machinery

Metal Decking Machine Main Technical Parameters:

weight:feeding the material:5015KGS

           cutting off:8475KGS

forming:32 the molding

main motor power:11*2KW
hydraulic power:5.5KW

machine size:15.5m*1.665m*1.6m

steel sheet making machine Main Technical Parameters:

weight:feeding the material:4720KGS

           cutting off:6660KGS

forming:26 the molding

main motor power:7.5KW
hydraulic power:2.2KW

machine size:11.54m*1.63m*1.6m

Steel roof produced from Zhongyuan corrugate galvanized sheet making machine:

zhongyuan china roofing sheet machine price

Steel deck produced from Zhongyuan china metal decking machine:

zhongyuan Floor Decking Machine

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