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38H metal deck roll forming machine to USA on March 06,2020
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38H metal deck roll forming machine to USA on March 06,2020

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38H metal deck roll forming machine to USA on March 06,2020

Zhongyuan deck roll forming line to USA  Zhongyuan 38H deck roll forming line to USA

Metal Deck Roll forming machine

Technical Parameters of this metal deck roll forming machine:
Brand: Zhongyuan

Material Spec: Galvanized steel sheet
Raw material thickness: 0.8 --1.2 mm
Electrical Power: 11*2 Kw(Depend on final design)
Fast forming speed: about 20-25m/min
Hydraulic cutting motor: 5.5Kw(Depend on final design)
Quantity of Stands: About 30 groups
Controlling System: automatic PLC
Total Weight: About 16000KGS 
Voltage: 380V 3 phase 50Hz or at buyers requirement

Payment : by T/T or by L/C.

Standard Equipment of Metal deck roll forming machine:
Decoiler                                                              1pc

Guiding equipment            1set
Rolling forming equipment
Post-cut equipment

Hydraulic station             1pc
PLC controlling desk

Supporter table                  2pc

Why choose Zhongyuan made floor deck roll forming machine?

1. 82mm or 90mm diameter solid steel shaft for different thickness material.

2. Zhongyuan designs bearings inside each forming rollers to guarantee all rollers running synchronously. Thus rollers are not easily worn, especially run 1.2mm or 1.6mm thickness GI steel. To guarantee Zhongyuan deck roll forming machine can be used more than 15 years well.

3. Novel design to guarantee our deck roll forming machine can run 15 years.

4. Introduced Mitsubishi PLC with touch screen to machine controlling system. 

5. Zhongyuan deck roll forming machine’s cutting frame allows deck sheet out of forming machine drop to ground directly, no need two operators to support each piece of deck. Save labor cost for investor.
6.  Cutting blade material: CR12 mould steel, Heat treatment, HRC58-60 hardness.
7.  Technician overseas installing and training available.

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