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C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Knowing that you are interested in C Purlin Roll Forming Machine, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
[Delivery of machines] Delivery of C purlin Roll forming machine on April 22,2019


Delivery  of  C  purlin  Roll  forming  machine  on  April  22,2019 

[Delivery of machines] Delivery of 15 years lifetime quality C purlin roll forming machine to Argentina on November 09,2018


Delivery  of  15  years  lifetime  quality  C  purlin  roll  forming  machine  to  Argentina  on  November  09,2018
Zhongyuan  Machinery  Factory  creates  customized  good  quality  roll  forming  machines  and  provide  unique  service  that  meets  the  specific  profile  our  customer  wants. 
【Long  Life  Machine】Roller material  is  Cr12  mould  steel  with  quenched  treatment.  Heat  treatment  for  cutting  frame  to  remove  the  steel  stress,  to  avoid  deformation.  Cutting  material  is  Cr12  mould  steel  with  quenched  treatment,  all  these  processing  steps  ensure  machine  15  years  long  life  time.
【High  Precision】Shafts  for  rollers  are  tooled  by  grinding  machine  at  least  twice.  Rollers  are  CNC  processed  to  ensure  precision  performance.
【Automatic  &  Easy  Operate】Safe  and  easy  to  operate  with  Mitsubishi  PLC  touch  screen  operating  system.Friendly  man-machine  interaction.

[Customers visit] Successful installation of automatic Purlin roll forming machine in Qatar customer factory


Automatic  CZ  purlin    machine  was  in  Qatar  customer  company. 
  This  purlin  roll  forming  machine  was  installed  well  already.
  Customer  is  satisfied  with  our  machine  and  technician's  service  work  very  much.   

[Delivery of machines] Delivery of Automatic cz PURLIN ROLL FORMING MACHINE to Oman On June 20,2018


Delivery  of  Automatic  cz  PURLIN  ROLL  FORMING  MACHINE  to  Oman  on  June  20,2018
This  Automatic  cz  PURLIN  ROLL  FORMING  MACHINE  had  been  inspected  by  buyer  in  our  factory  successfully. 

[Delivery of machines] Delivery of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine to Mexico on April 25,2018


Delivery  of  C    Purlin  Roll  Forming  Machine  to  Mexico  on  April  25,2018
Three  sets  of  C  purlin  roll  forming  machines  were  sent  to  Mexico  port.
  total  Three  40GP  containers. 


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