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Aluminium Step Tile Roll Forming Machine

Knowing that you are interested in Aluminium Step Tile Roll Forming Machine, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
[Customers visit] Customer for Step tile roll forming machine on January 18.2019


Customer  for  Step  tile  roll  forming  machine  on  January  18.2019
Buyer  signed  contract  for  three  sets  of  roll  forming  machines  in  same  order:  step  tile  roll  forming  machine,  Metrocopo  roll  forming  machine  and  double  layer  roll  forming  machine. 

[Customers visit] Customer visited for Aluminium Step Tile Roll Forming Machines on September 04,2018


Customer  visited  and  confirmed  Aluminium  step  tile  machine  order  on  September  04,2018
Visitor  was  satisfied  with  our  processing  for  machines  and  is  confident  to  confirm  his  order  to  Zhongyuan  factory  at  same  day.

[Delivery of machines] Aluminium Step tile Roll Forming Machine to Africa dated September 07,2018


Zhongyuan  aluminium  step  tile  roll  forming  machine  with  SONCAP  certificate  to  buyer   

Zhongyuan  guarantees  our  produced  roll  forming  machines  can  run  15  years  in  buyer  factory,maximizing  customer  investment  profit. 

1.  Production  speed:    6m  per  minute  .  User  can  get  2880m  per  day  (one  shift  working  8  hours).
2.    Excellent  services:  Technician  can  be  sent  to  your  factory  to  install  the  machine  and  train  your  workers.  Lifetime  services  for  our  machines.   

[Customers visit] Customers visited for Aluminium Step Tile Roll Forming Machine on June 02


Customers  visited  for  Aluminium  Step  Tile  Roll  Forming  Machine  on  June  02.We  cooperated  with  Mr.  Sunday  since  2011.  Most  his  machines  in  his  factory  were  bought  from  our  factory.  Now  he  wants  to  buy  new  machine  for  his  new  factory. 

[Delivery of machines] Aluminium Step tile Roll Forming Machine to Africa dated March 09,2018


Aluminium  Step  tile  Roll  Forming  Machine  to  Africa  dated  March  09,2018


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